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• Politics is the Art of influencing the allocation of scarce resources.
• Politics pertains to every area of life.
Political action-where it takes place
• Workplace
• Government
• Financing

• Health Care Organizations
• Community
Power and Leadership
• Network
• Be Informed
• Flaunt your R.N. Proudly
• The personal is Political
• Be polite, persistent, & persuasive
• Give $$ to support your position
• Credibility is everything
How can my voice be heard?
How can my voice be heard?

• Professional
• Local
• State
• National
• Knowledge is Power•Know the Issues
• Build Relationships
Get Involved!
• School Board
• Site Council
• City/County Government
• Church groups
• Professional Organizations (KSNA)
2006 Legislative Platform (KSNA)
2006 Legislative Platform (KSNA)
• As the largest group of health care professionals in any health care unit, nurses have a vital interest in enlightened legislation.
Current Legislation
• Key Bills in Congress
Current Legislation
• Key Bills in Congress
• "Federal Advocacy",
• "Track Legislation
Tips for personal meetings with Legislators
• Make an appointment
Introduce yourself
Set the agenda
Understand the Issue
Know your legislator's role Learn your legislator's position

• Be factual and honest
Show respect
Be positive
Be confident
Send Thank-You note.
Develop an ongoing relationship
Letter Writing Tips
• Address properly
• Include your name, address & phone#
• Identify the issue/bill
• Be brief and stick to the subject

• Use your own words
• Support your position with data
• Time the arrival of the letter
• Give reasons for your position
• Follow-up
• Send Thank-You note
Telephone Calls
Telephone Calls

• Know the issue and your position
• Prepare an outline of all major points
• Follow-up with a personal letter to the legislator citing

• the name of the staff member with whom you spoke
• 202-225-3121 for US Legislators
• 785-296-2456 for Kansas Senate
• 785-296-7633 for Kansas House
Giving Testimony at a Public Hearing
Giving Testimony at a Public Hearing

• Prepare yourself!
• Be familiar with the proposal to be heard
• Find out who else will be testifying
• Keep testimony factual and easy to understand
• Bring copies of your testimony

• Organize your testimony
• Conclude with a concise summary
• Thank the committee for the opportunity
• Keep your promises
• Be pleasant and cooperative
Current Health Care Issues
Current Health Care Issues

• Nurse Staffing Plans and Ratios
• Whistle•blower protection
• Mandatory Overtime
• Eliminating Mercury in Health Care Settings
• Title Nurse

• Nursing Education Incentives
• Nursing Shortage
• Nursing Quality Indicators
• Nursing Workforce Data Collection
N-STAT = Nurses Strategic Action Team
N-STAT = Nurses Strategic Action Team
N-STAT• Immediate Action Needed regarding an issue in the Legislature!
• Mass responses by nurses can make a difference
What is a Resolution?
What is a Resolution?

• A call for action on a subject of great importance, expressed in formal wording.
• Provides a democratic, orderly process for bringing issues to the attention of the voting body.

• Serves to establish or make known the position of the Association on matters of significance affecting nurses, nursing, and health care.
Purposes of Resolutions
Purposes of Resolutions
• Set forth/request new policy or position.
• Request action by the Association.
• Declare position on significant health matters.
• Support/reject actions of other groups that involve nurses or nursing practice.
• Request others to take action on behalf of nurses or nursing.