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What is a role of the W3C?
To publish recommendations on web-related protocols.
What would you use the HTML tag <img src> for?
To add an image file to a webpage.
What tag sequences would be used to embolden text on a webpage?
<b>make me bold</b>
Look at the sample HTML code below. It has been entered incorrectly and some tags are in complete. Which tags are missing from this code?
<title>My First Web Page </title>

<h3> Welcome to my first webpage
</h3> And <body>
Which HTML tag would change the background colour of the webpage to
<body bgcolor=”blue”>
The HTML tag <ol> is used for what?
Create an ordered list of items in a webpage
Which tag would create a text hyperlink to the SQA website?
<a href="">click here to go to SQA website </a>
A file format that is used to display and format text and images in a
browser is what?
What is the Graphics Interchange File (GIF) format
commonly used for?
Clip art drawings.
What is true of the audio file format .mp3?
It can compress CD quality audio by a factor of approximately 10 percent.
What does the term ‘unity’, in relation to webpage design, refer to?
Keeping like elements together and dissimilar elements apart.
In web design, principles movement, is used to do what?
Lead the user’s eye from one area of the page to another in direct flowing movement.
In a webpage design a balanced webpage is one that?
Has elements arranged on a page so that no one section is heavier than another.
What is a valid use of lines in the design of a webpage?
To add borders around elements.
Which colour combinations would disadvantage visually
impaired website users?
Red text on a green background.
Why is alternative text used along with a graphics in a webpage?
To provide a description in case the graphic is not displayed.
What is good practice when creating hyperlinks in a webpage?
Making a hyperlink’s destination obvious.
What could you use without permission in your own
school or college project?
A drawing you created in a paint package.
What describes a derivative work?
A piece of work that is very similar to the original.
What are common penalties for breaching copyright?
The infringer is ordered to withdraw copies of infringed material AND The infringer is taken to court over damages for infringement.