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What nursing education can be provide tothe parents of a CF patient to aid in preventing a prolapse of the rectum
Provide a diet high in bulk
What virus causes shingles?
What is shingles? Does it occur in adults or children? What triggers it?
Chickepox/Varicella/a type of herpes
As a nurse, you are about to recieve a patient with an admitting diagnosis of mumps. What needs to be considered regarding room assignment and preparations?
Mumps will require respiratory isolation. The appropriate room will need to be assigned and isolation equipment provided.
The most common port of entry of tetanus in a newborn is through the_______________?
Umbilical cord
How do toddlers and children get tetanus?
Cuts, puncture wounds, and such that allow contact with the blood stream.
What is the best way to prevent tetanus?
A pt with whooping cough has been in isolation for 3 days. When the parents ask if this is still needed, the appropriate nurse response is..........
whooping cough requires 5 days of isolation
What is HIB? And for what age group does it present the highest risk?
Most common flu virus. Under 5 years.
Human parovirus causes the illness most commonly known as........
Fifth disease
The CT scan of a 6 month old infant shows multiple bruising inthe frontal lobe. This is a frequent indicator of....
Shaken baby syndrome
Who are the most common perpetrators of physical and/or sexual child abuse?
family or friends
The nurse sees that replacement IV fluids have been ordered. What does this mean?
Total fluid output will be measured q4 and replaced via IV fluids over the next 4 hour period.
Replacement IV fluids have been ordered. 200 ml of output have been recorded from 0800 to 1200. What rate should the IV be set at this time? For how long?
50ml/hr until 1600
Because toddlers should are picky eaters, how should a nurse evaluate a toddler's dietary intake?
Over a week instead of over a 24 hour period.
the nurse knows it is important to know the milestones of normal growth and development in order to.........
Identify abnormalities and anticipate current and future needs
What type of therapy, when given to a newborn, can cause chronic pulmonary displasia?
O2 therapy - vent
What is NEC?
Necrotizing EnterColitis - seen in pre-terms babies. Thought to be caused by decreased o2 to the intestine RT cardiac insufficiency
When feeding a neonate or infant by NG or TPT tube...what is an important nursing intervention and why?
Encourae non-nutritive sucking to promote and maintain the sucking reflex
What percentage of a preterm baby's body is water?
Explain the maintenance IV therapy scale for pediatrics..
Kg 1-10 = 100 ml/kg - 1000 ml
Kg 10.1-20 = 50ml/kg - 500ml
kg 20.1+ = 20 ml/kg
Divide this over 24 (hrs) to find the ml/hr IV rate
Erickson's stage of growth and develpoment for the adolescent is........
Identity vs. role confusion
By what age should an infant be able to self console?
4 months old
What are the daily caloric requirements of an infant age 0-6 months?
120 calories per kg
What is the average caloric load of breat milk and formula?
20 calories per ml.
What is the normal HR for a toddler?
80-110 BPM
What happens between 18-24 months that allows for toilet training to begin?
Mylenation of the spinal cord
What aspect of psycho-social growth is encouraged in the toddler?
When preparing a toddler to recieve a treatment, what is the best approach for the nurse to take?
Offer the toddler choices designed to to elicit the desired result.
According to Erickson's stages of psycosocial development, when correcting a toddler it is important to avoid creating a feeling of _____________.
What does ritualism refer to in a toddler?
A common behavior in which they seek out consistency in their environment. Eating from the same plate, sleeping with the same blanket or toy, brushing teeth only after they have put on pajamas, etc.
How does ritualism and incorporating into nursing POC help the sick or hospitalized toddler?
It allows them to retain a sense of control.
How would you tell and toddler that you are going to give him/her a shot?
Put some medicine under the skin
The nurse is asking a 3 y/o questions while performing an assessment. She has difficulties understanding most of the answers and the mother is quick to "translate." What does this tell the nurse?
That further testing and evaluation may be needed as a stranger should be able to understand most of the child's words by this age.
Name some of the major factors that can impede language development
Chronic ear infections, developmental environment, primary language spoken in the home
When encouraging a three year old to play with his/her neighbor, what do you expect to see?
Parallel play
What is a common cause of respiratory distress in the pre-term neonate?
Low surfactant
What is the most common respiratory virus in neonates and infants?
What is the 1st indicator of 02 desaturation in neonates and infants?
What is the risk with chronic or acute sinus infections with children?
What parent/patient teaching is critical regarding the use of a vaporizor in the home?
Must be cleaned daily
What does "set point" refer to?
Child's normal temp
What does status asthmaticus refer to?
Acute asthmatic crises
a child in severe acute respiratory crises is not responding to treatment. What is the primary nursing intervention?
Notify the physician and prepare for possible entubation
When a mother states that her child's skin always tastes salty, this is a possible indicator of.......
All children with CF will have cinical manifestation? About 50% of them will also show what?
Increased gland secretions.
Increased pulmonary secretions and respiratory difficulties.
When considering the nutritional needs of a child with CF, the nurse know that the plan must include what?
High calories and fiber, low fat
How is the highest level of concentrated o2 delivered to an infant?
Via plastic hood.
When checking for proper fit of an 02 hood, what are two critical concerns?
the o2 source should not blow directly onto infant's face and the hood should not rub the head, neck, chin, or shoulders
When choosing the proper device for the delivery of 02 to a preschooler or toddler, what would you choose and why?
Nasal prongs or cannulas - this age does not tolerate masks well.
What is the main concern when delivering 02 to a child with CF or any type of COPD?
Decreasing the hypoxic drive.
What is the ideal o2 sat range for infants and why?
90-95%. o2 monitors cannot measure hyperoxemia which can cause retinopathy.
The bed, what must the nurse consider and why?
The lead shold be covered with a sock or such item because the lamps can cause a false reading.
Positioning a child to increase respiratory secretions is called?
postrual drainage
When is respiratory percussion done?
Before meals and at bedtime
Name the three placement locations of an artificial airway. Which is the most prefered and why?
Naso..oro, tracho.
Naso - better oral hygiene, More stable fixation, decreased tracheal erosion
When air is delivered via trach, it must be.................?
Three major areas of ongoing assement (+s/s) for the child with a trach are...................?
Desaturation = cyanosis, restlessness, lethargy, breath sounds, vital signs,

Hemmorage = bloody secretions

Allergic reactions to materials in trach = Persistent or increased edema
Before a pediatric patient can discharged with a trach, what must the parents learn - in addition to care and maintenance of the trach?
What medication administered to the mother during labor may cause suppressed resp rate in the newborn at birth?
Analgesics or anesthesia
What is the normal resp rate for a newborn?
40-60 resp per minute
What is the normal BP for a newborn?
Rt newborns, after assessing for adequate breathing and circulation, what is the next step?
Name the fice signs used by the APGAR to assess the newborn's physiological state.
HR, Resp Rate, muscle tone, reflexes, skin color
What does the Ballard scale establish>
gestational age
Define preterm
under 37 weeks
at what weight does the survival rate for a preterm baby increase?
the incidence of pre-term births is higher in what groups of parents? Why?
lower socio-economic

Lack of prenatal care
What is a neonate's first stool called and when should it be passed?
Meconium - first 24 hours
The nurse know that a newborn will typically have how many wet diapers in a 24 hour period?
which baby wil have more stools per day - breast fed or bottle fed?
Breast = 2-3 per day, bottle = q 48 hours
Where is bp taken on a newborn?
arm or calf - pref calf