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Why does Alfred give up on boxing in the beginning of the book?
He is sick of working so hard and not getting to do any real boxing.
What haunts Alfred about his match against Griffen?
The way Griffen lays on the mat after the punch.
Why does Alfred suddenly get along with his cousin Jeff?
Alfred has grown up a lot and has more in common with Jeff.
Why does Mr. Donatelli believe that Alfred is not cut out to be a boxer?
Alfred does not have the killer instinct.
Why does Elston Hubbard hug Alfred at the end of their fight?
He admires how tough Afred was.
The fact that the boy was from a broken home is an example of
character evidence.
The play ends with the jurors returning a vote of
not guilty.
The Protagonist is
the main character in a fiction or drama.
The Antagonist is
the character of force that blocks the protagonist.
A hung jury is
a jury that can't make a unanimous decision.
Major stated that the only creature who consumes without producing is
"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which." This statement shows
the supreme irony of the rebellion.
A theme regarding education in Animal Farm is
democracy needs a good memory and good education to resist those who would forcefully rule.
Orwell's belief that revolution is ultimately doomed to failure is shown by
the way Old Major's ideas become corrupted by the pigs' hunger for power.
Animal Farm is a satire on the
Russian Revolution.
Shakespeare begins the play with the Chorus to
provide a brief summary of what will happen.
What is the punishment that supposedly awaits the two families should they feud again?
the "pain of death".
Romeo claims that the reason for his behavior is because
he is out of favor with the one he loves.
Who actually marries Romeo and Juliet in secret?
Friar Laurence
Romeo does not want to fight Tybalt because
Tybalt is related to Juliet.
What danger did Odysseus and his men encounter in the land of the Lotus Eaters?
The Lotus make the men forget about home.
What does the Cyclops ask Poseidon for?
to make sure that Odysseus doesn't see home
Who is the only person to survive the journey home from Troy?
Which two characters pose the same kind of danger to Odysseus and his crew?
Circe and the Lotus Eaters