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parts of external nose
radix nasi
dorsum nasi
apex nasi
ala nasi
what bones make up the nasal pyramid?
- 2 ascending/frontal processes of maxilla
- 2 nasal bones
- frontal
nasofrontal suture is the same level horizontally as the___
cribriform plate
opening into the nasal cavity is called the
piriform aperture - pear shaped
pointed process of medial maxillary junction by the tip of the nose. aka?
acantheon process
anterior nasal spine
what lies between the nasal bones?
nasal spine of the frontal bone
what three bones have nasal spines
frontal -nasal spine
maxillary - ant. nsal spine aka acantheon process
palatine - post. nasal spine
name the nasal cartilages
1. septodorsal cartilage
- upper nasal aka lateral nasals
- septal cartilage
2. greater alar cartilages aka lower nas
- lateral crus and medial crus
3. lesser alar cartilages
horshoe shaped cartilage in nose
greater alar cartilages aka lower nasals
when enetering through the naris, what marks the beginning of the nasal cavity proper and the end of the ___?
limen nasi
- marks end of nasal vestibule
what lines the nasal vestibule?
vibrissae - large coarse hairs that filters air entering through the naris
what is the largest longest lowest turbinate?
inferior turbinate
since the turbinates all end around the point, this called ____
coterminus posteriority - ending posteriorly same place
what bone serves as the floor of the nasal cavity?
palatine bone
what are nasal choanae
the paired openings between the nasal cavity and nasopharynx
from the posterior coterminus of the turbinates to the posterior limit of choanae = ?
nasopharyngeal meatus
eustachian tube
tube connx pharynx to midle ear
what aperture lies in the nasopharyngeal meatus?
opening to the eustachian tube
this part of this bone provides the front 2/3 of the roof of mouh.
palatine process of the zygomatic bone
name 4 surfaces and 4 processes of zygomatic bone
surf - nasal, orbital, facial, infratemoral
proc - zygom, alveolar, palatine, ascen/frontal
name all the apertures of maxilla
perforations for sup. alveolar nn. - on lateral side of facial surface

infraorbital fissure, canal, foramen (maxillary n.)
which turbinates articulate with the maxilla? what are those articulations called?
inferior and middle concha.

ethmoidal crest (mid)
conchal crest (inf turb)
along the infratemporal surface of maxilla, the _____ runs along it. forms the ____ when articul with the ______
greater palatine sulcus
g. palatine canal
when with
what does the posterior tip of the inferior concha point to?
opening to the eustachian tube
Where do the mastoid sinuses drain into?
into the middle ear,
NOT the nasal cavity - it is the only sinus that does not.
Where do the paranasal sinuses drain?
drain into sup and inf meatuses.

NOT into inferior meatus - where only tears drain into.
What sinus drains into inf meatus?
none - tears from eye drain into inf meatus
ethmoidal cells are housed in what are called ___?
ethmoidal labyrinth
lateral masses (2)
ethmoidal labyrinth
what are the components of the nasal septum
perp plate ethmoid
septal cartilage (septodorsal cartilage)
What are the two surfaces of the ethmoidal labyrinth (aka?)
aka - lateral masses

two surfaces
- orbital aka lamina papyrae
- nasal - where sup and inf turbin artic
boundaries for nasal cavity
sup - cribrif plate
poster - choanae and body sphen
inf - horiz of palat, and ant 2/3 is maxilla
ant- nasal bone, lateral nasal cartil (upper nasals), g. alar caritl (lower naslals)
boundaries of choanae
sup - ala of vomer, vag proce of sphen
inf - horiz of palat
lat - med pteryg plate
med - vomer
of the osseous features of the nasal cavity, which don't contribute to the nasal walls?
very nutty silly funny employees make conscientious ppl laugh

vomer and frontal
what are the unpaired bones of the ossesous features of the nasal vcavity?
very nutty silly funny employees make conscientious (inferior concha) ppl laugh

vomer frontal ethmoid sphenoid
palatine bone
plate - perp and horiz
surf - max and nasal, palatable and nasal

processes -
medially: orbital, maxillary, post nasal spine,
laterally:pyramidal proceess, sphenoidal process
what provides a route to the pterygopalatine fossa from the nasal cavity?

What bones form it?
sphenopalatine foramen :
body of sphen + palatine (orbital and sphenoidal processes - sphenopalatine notch)
greater palatine canal.

where is it, what forms it?
on pyramidal process of palatine bone (g. palatine sulcus) + maxillary sulcus

passage from pterygopalatine fossa to oral cavity
maxillary sulcus joins _____ to form the ______ which connects the?
g. palatine sulcus
g. palatine canal
oral cavity and the pterygopalatine fossa
What bones does the paltine bone articu?
1. sphenoid
2. ethmoid
3. maxillary
4. other platine
5. vomer
6. inferior turbinate
what bone does the uvula attach to?
palatine - post. nasal spine
how many crests on paltine bone? what are they?

which one has no articulations
-etmoidial - (mid turb)
- conchal crest (inf turb)
- nasal crest
- palatine crest (on palatable surface)

palatine crest
this palatine crest has no articulation
palatine crest - attch only to soft palate
what aperture allows blood flow to nasal cavity?
sphenopalatine foramen
WHat is the most posterior part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity?
medial pterygoid plate
what contributes to the nasal septum
septal cartilage
perp plate ethmo
what meatus receives teh most sinus drainage? what part of it?
middle meatus - hiatus semilunaris
what is the space above the sup. concha called?
sphenoethmoidal recess
this hook like process lies posterior to the hiatus semilunaris. what meatus is this?
uncinate process
middle meatus
describe the drainage into the middle meatus
middle ethm air cells - bulla
ant ethmo, max, frontal - hiatus semilunaris
what drains into sup meatus?
post ethm air cells
what drains into sphenoethmoidal recess?
sphenoid sinus
what is the hightest drainage point? what drains into it?
sphenoethmoidal recess - sphenoid
this inconstant structure sometimes occupies the sphenoethmoidal recess
supreme concha
which nasal meatus does not display a sinus ostium?
sinus ostium = opening from nasal cavity to sinus

answer - inf nasal meatus
boundary btwn nasal cavity proper and vestibule
limen nasi
what serves as a pointer to the pharyngeal ostium of the auditory tube?
inf turbinate - points to pharyng ostium (opening to auditory tube aka eustachian tube)
which craniometric points are related to the piriform aperture
this serves as the roof of the ethmoidal air cells, continuous with the cribriform plate
fovea ethmoidalis