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What is primary wound closure?
wound closed surgically soon after creation
What is delayed primary wound closure?
wound remains open for a few days before surgical closure
What is secondary wound closure?
wound closes over time by contracture
What type of wound closure is appropriate for infected or contaminated wounds?
Secondary closure
What are the 3 phases of wound healing?
inflammatory, proliferative, and remodeling
How long does the inflammatory phase of wound healing last?
2-3 days
During the inflammatory phase of wound healing, platelet growth factors attract what cells to the wound?
inflammatory cells - particularly macrophages
When do neutrophils peak in the wound?
24 hours
When do monocytes peak in the wound?
2-3 days
When does the proliferative phase of wound healing begin
about day 3
How long does the proliferative phase of wound healing last?
3 weeks
During the remodeling phase the ratio of type I collagen to type III becomes what?