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According to Brown's Grammatical Morphemes, at what age does a child begin to use present progressive ing
ex Mom cooking
Ages 19-28 months
At what age does a child:
1.look at common objects when the are named
2. Comprehend " No"
3. uses a wide variety of sound combinations.
4. uses variegated babbling
Ages 7-9months
Who developed the Cognitive Theory?
What are the four stages to Cognitive Theroy?
1. Sensorimotor (0-2 yrs)

2. Preoperational (2-7 yrs)

3.Concrete Operations (7-11yrs)

4. Formal Operations ( more than 11 years)
What did Chomsky theory propose?
Chomsky proposed that children are born with a language acquisition device that contains universal rules of language.
At what age does a child's MLU range from 2.0-4.0
Between 2-3 years of age
At what age will a child display startle response to loud sounds, smiles reflexively, cries for assistance, and produces predominately vowels?
0- 3 months
At how many months does a child begin to use illocutionary behaviors, such as carry out some socially organized action such as pointing and laughing:
9-10 months
On average how many words should be expected for a 1-2 year old?
At what age should a child begin to use a combination of 3-4 words in a subject-verb-object format?
2-3 years of age