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Non-Ferrous metals?
They dont have Iron as the base metal.Aluminum,Titanium, and magnesium
Alluminum is susceptible to?
Now modern alloys are controlled by?
alloying or cladding
Copper (Cu)
alloy heat-treatable
poor corrosion resistance
Silicon (Si)
decreases melting point
Manganese (Mn)
Prime alloy agent for Non-heat treatable alloys
strenght & good workability
Magnesium (Mg)
good weldability & Corrosion Resistance
5056 alloy most pop.used for rivets.
Zinc (Zn)
coupled with mag= heat treatable alloy
high strength
Chromium (Cr)
Increases Hardness
What are the Types of codes for Alloy-indentification?
1000,2000,3000,-7000 series are good in aviation.
alloy ident. when it comes to 2000-8000 series what do the agents mean?
1st digit=major alloy agent
4= silicone
5= Magnesium
1000 series?
commercially pure aluminum
high corrosion resistance,thermal and electrical prop.
Disadvantage=low strenght
3003 is 1100
low strenght
non structural app.
5052(MG &CU)
used for fuel or oil tanks
rigid fluid lines
Copper or Zinc?
75,000 psi
susceptible to corrosion
most pop. 2024,2117
2000-8000 series 2nd, 3rd and 4th digits are?
2nd=#of controls or mods.
3rd & 4th= specific alloying agents.
Annealing does what to metal in a heat-treating process?
softens it
increases temp
"dwell" or "soak" to get temp equal.
cool to 500F= 50F p/hr
Cool to room temp =any rate
annealed state is best for?
cold working= may be repeated many times over to form.
Solution Heat-Treating?
Hardening process
increases strenght
process for solution heat-treating is?
-soak until temp is same throughout material
-Quench to rapidly cool, use water right out of furnace or it
could cause corrosion
"Age hardening" or "Aging" means?
soft immediatly after quenching but strenght increases over time.
full strenght=4-5 days
Solution heat-treating you Can slow natural aging by?
storing in temp. 32oF or<
What is Precipitation Heat-Treating? A.K.A?
Heat treat process 2nd time to increase strenght
Heat to low temp
cool in still air
-"artificial aging"
If soaked too long when PHT could cause?
"Overage" and decrease strenght
What main "T" Numbers are used in aviation?
T6=Solution Heat-treat,artifical aging
T7= Solution Heat-Treat, stabilized to control growth and distortion
T8=Solution Heat-Treat, strain hardened, artifially aged.
Strain Hardening does what to the material?
increase strenght & Hardness by coldworking
non-heat treat.= rolling
heat treatable=rolled after solution heat treat.
Temper Designations?
4= quarter hard
6= half hard
Magnesium (Mg) & its alloys has the best_____ ratio?
Best strenght-weight ratio when alloyed with Zn,Al,&MN
Mag and its alloys are used on what of aircraft?
doors, flaps, skins, tanks,wingtips etc.
How do you extinguish Magesium & its alloys?
Dry sand or Dry Powder
Titanium & its alloys are good for?
High Temperatures
strenght and corrosion resis.
Titanium/alloys are used for what in aviaton?
skins, engine firewalls,turbine engine parts & air ducts.
How do you identify Tit/alloys?
sim. to stainless steel
mositening & making a mark on glass(pencil)
strenght of Tit/alloys?
>1000oF= brittle
non susceptible to corrosion
What are the 3 types of alloys for Titanium? and how is there strenght?
ALPHA=medium strenght, good temp strenght
ALPHA-BETA=versatile, med. strenght when annealed HIGH STRENGHT- heat treated.
BETA=Med. strenght, good forming
Nickel& alloys?
Good weldability & Machinability
Heat treated or cold worked
What are the 3 types of alloys for Nickel? used for what?
Monel=used in gears, parts and exhaust systems
Inconel=sim. to stainless steel, used for turbine parts, good strenght/corrosion
3 types of Copper & its alloys? what are its uses?
spring washers,tube fittings
Bronze=alloy+ Sn
bushings & bearings
Beryllium Copper=Most used get up to 200,000 psi strenght, same as brass