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if 2 points are polar
infinite great circles connect
if 2 points are non-polar
only one great circle connects
minor arch is
distance less than a semi-cirle
major arch is
distance more than a semi-circle
[no answer] all great circles intersect
[no question] arch addition postulate=segment addition postulate
lines can be parallel
there are no parallel great circles
2 perpendicular lines form 4 right angles
2 perpendicular great circles form 8 right angles
triangle angles measures always equal 180
triangle angle measures are always over 180
how are circles created?
they are created through intersecting planes?
how are parallel small circles determined?
they are determined through parallel planes
[no answer] A great circle is finite.
[no question] Given a circle l and a point p, there exists only one perpendicular circle to l passing through p.
[no answer] 2 intersecting circles divide the sphere into 4 regions.
[no question] 2 distince great circles intersect in exactly 2 points.
[no answer] A pair of perpendicular great circles divide the sphere into 4 finite congruent regions.
[no question] A pair of interesting great circles intersect twice and create 8 right angles.