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NMBA's are important at what portion of the nervous system?
Somatic Nervous System
Motor neurons to the skeletal muscles originate where?
Anterior or Ventral horn of spinal cord
Motor neuron are what type of neurons?
EFFERENT neurons
Sensory neurons from skeletal muscles carry AP to spinal cord via?
Dorsal horn
Motor and Sensory motor neurons are considered what type of nerves?
Somatic nerves
Motor nerves are ___________ and will exit the ____________ of spinal cord/

Ventral cord
Sensory nerves are _________ and will exit the _____________.

dorsal posterior cord
What causes the release of Ach at the presynaptic membrane?
Motor nerves release _________ to the motor endplate on the ____________ side of neuron.

Postsynaptic side
What other receptors are found in the post synaptic membrane with Ach receptors?
Nicotinic receptors
This is found in clos proximity to post synaptic icotinic receptors, and extend into synaptic cleft to metabolize Ach.
This enzyme brakes down Ach on postsynaptic membrane, stoping an action potential.
The nicotinic cholinergic receptors is composed of what?
5 glycoprotein subunits