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to bring together
to make american
to be like the acceptable standard
openly spoken against
something inherited/cultural background
to give complete concentration and attention to
to be included
holding someone back from their full potential
the idea that people have the right to propose a law
ideas and philosophies of teaching and educations
a favoring or a dislike of a person or thing without good reason
wanting to move towards better methods or conditions
to be included
a law that does not allow the sale of alcohol
to propose a law for a vote
someone who fights for the right to vote
What state number is New Mexico?
When did New Mexico become a state?
January 6, 1912
Where was our first capital?
Espanola, in the Rio Chama area
What is our capital?
Santa Fe
Who is our governor?
Bill Richardson
Who was our first governor?
Juan de Oñate
Who was our first "official" governor?
William McDonald, after New Mexico became a part of the union
Who moved our capital from Espanola to Santa Fe?
Don Pedro de Peralta
What is our state symbol?
The zia, an ancient sun symbol
What is our state nickname?
"Land of Enchantment"
What is our state motto?
"Crescit eundo"- it grows as it goes
What is our state bird?
What is our state mammal?
black bear
What are our state colors?
Red and Yellow (because they were the colors of the Spanish conquitadors who came to New Mexico in the 1500's)
What is our state insect?
the tarantula
what is our state flower?
What is our state tree?
piñon tree
What is our state vegetable?
What is our state gem?
what is our state cookie?
What is our state question?
"red or green?"
When was Albuquerque founded?
April 23, 1706
Who founded Albuquerque?
Missionaries, then farmers later settled around the area
Who was Albuquerque named by?
Frencisco Cuervo y Valdez
Who was Abluquerque named after?
Fernandez de La Cueva, Duque de Albuquerque
What are the six things that Nm had to have in place before becomeing a state?
1. Practice American customs and habits
2. Public schools
3. Secular courts
4. Country Governments
5. Two-party political system
6. Elect officials
What are the four steps New Mexico had to take to become a state?
1. Write up a constitution
2. Vote on the constitution
3. Send it to congress to be voted on
4. Sent to president who signs it and we're a state
What problems did new mexico encounter when becomeing a state?
1. It took us longer than any other state to become a state.
2. People in America did not think we would be loyal or American enough
3. Arguments over us being a state or just us staying a property of the U.S.
4. The argument over the "progressive movement"-some in the US were satisfied with the way it was, others wanted to keep growing with more states
4. "National Forests" farmers arguing with the government on farming land and forest land. farmers wanted farming, government kept "national forests"
What five hats does the governor wear?
1. Executive
2. Legislative
3. Judicial
4. Ceremonial
5. Political Party
How many Sentators does New Mexico have?
How many Representatives does New Mexico have?
How long is a governor's term?
Four years
How long is a Senator's term?
Four years
How long is a Representative's term?
two years
What are the requirements for governor?
Must be at least 25
Must be a US citizen
Must live in NM
what are the requirements for a senator?
must be at least 25
Must be a US citizen
Must live in their district
what are the requirements for a representative?
must be at least 21
must be a US citizen
must live in their district