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Believed humans evoled from bugs, built Chaco Canyon, the "magic" of their culture, lots of sun relations
Pueblo Revolt?
The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 happened when all the pueblos forged together to scare off the Spaniards. It is the only successful revolt by indigeious people to ward off colonists.
Who are Catholic Monarchs?
missionaries and any political position, the structure of the church around the city. there was a lot of stress between the church and the city (that one guy got excommunicated)
what are santeros?
artists who carve intermediaries that teach lessons of right or wrong, carved wooden statues of the saints
who is changing woman?
the first mother of the navajo, she created the first Navajo clans

married the sun and gave birth to monster slayer and water
what is Quivira?
the river where warriors drank gold and ate from golden plates
Who was Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado?
he was looking for the seven cities of Gold

violated Zuni Ritual and violence

violated crwon's deal of peace
What is a custodio?
supervised church government offical in NM and made sure that pacification was taking place
What is rescate?
meant to the freeing of a captured nonpueblo period
What is Pope?
leader as expressed in Knaut's article. He helped lead the natives into a revolt of 1680.
What are Kivas?
round and religious social center of pueblo life where communities take place
what are kachinas?
spirits of the ancestors

able to consider weather or bring good health

to teach appro behavior
what are genizaros?
nonpueblo people
what are dine?
another term for navajo
what are criollos?
American Spaniards
What is a repartimiento?
people were distributed to tasks such as building "The Govenor's Palace".

(in theory people were supposed to get paid)
what are afromestizos?
africans mixed with Spanish Indigieous
What is a Requerimiento?
the piece of contract Spanish settlers read to inhabitatnts when they conquered new land
what is the seven cities of gold?
A myth proppelled by exploriation developed by the Moors
What are Adelantados?
comes from the spanish word "to move forward", people who participate orginally who used to start process of colonization
what is the Papal DOnation of 1493?
Pope donated NW to the catholic monarachies. This Papal decree is interesting because Span and Portugal argued about land in South America
What are penitentes?
prosecuted due to different style of worship, constructed santos

vencine society, distributed santos, penities are some x missionaries

these are the people who conituned to be religious figures after funding ceased from church
what is vencio society?
"vencino" literally translates to neighbor in Spanish and relates to the early spanish settlements in New Mexico at the time
what is a cabildo?
an assistant to the royal govenor, and above the alcades
what is an encomienda?
a fuedal relasionship, comes from resistance against moors, created a labo relasionship as form of payment to the crown
who is white painted woman?
The first peoples to arrive on earth were White Painted Woman and her brother, Killer of Enemies. His role was to hunt for food, but every time he killed an animal the Owl Man Giant would swoop down and steal the bounty. He and his sister grew hungrier and hungrier until one day, Life Giver, a spirit, arrived in the form of a thunderstorm. Nine months later White Painted Woman had a baby who was named Child Born of Water. This child grew to be a strong warrior and slew Owl Man Giant in a ferocious fight. These three together helped create the present world.
What is the classical pueblo period?
life before the colonial takeover