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What was Roe V. Wade?
court invalidated state laws that forbided women to have abortions.
What did President Nixon call his domestic initiatives?
New Federalism
What is revenue sharing?
When the government returned its tax recipts to local and state governments.
Who did Richard Nixon appoint to supreme court justice in an attempt to steer the court in a more conservative direction?
Waren Burgerr
What was the most troubling problem in the 1970s?
How did Nixon respond to America's economic problems?
appointed federal economists to the federal reserve board
What other measures did Nixon take to battle inflation?
Put a 90day freeze on wages and prices in the US
A period of time thats shorter than a depression that has a decline in business activity
Organization of Countries Exporting Petroleum
What was the Arab Oil Embargo?
When OPEC stopped shipping oil to Isreal supporting countries
An economic situation involving business slowdown and inflation
What is tri-lateralism?
Western Europe, US, Japan 3 major powers
What is detente?
The relaxation of tensions between nations
Placed limitations on the number, type, and deployment of intercontinental ballistic missles in 1972
What was the Nixon Doctrine?
guidlines for handling the third world conflicts