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Other names for Nitrogylcerin
Nitrosat; Nitro-Bid; Tridil
Nitrate; Antianginal; Vasodialtor
Action: Primary
Primary effect: vasodilation of coronary and cerebral arteries, which causes the following which relieves vasopasms: 1)increases oxygen availability to the heart and the brain
2)decreased workload and myocardial oxygen demand
Action: Secondary
Secondary effect is vasodialation of vascular smooth muscle which causes: 1) increase in coronary blood flow 2) a reduction in preload
Action: continued
Acts as a smooth msucle relaxant;
Onset of action is within 1-2 min
Antiangianl effect preceds hemodynamical effect
1)Ischemic chest pain& anginal equivilents 2) Pulmonary edema
Side Effects:
Headache,Syncope, Hypotension, Heart Rate Changes, Bitter Taste, Burning under tongue
Absolute: Cerebral Hemorrhage; Chest trauma; head injusry; Hypotension; Hypersensitivity; meds for E.D. ex:Viagra w/i 24hrs
Drug interactions #1-2
1) use with alcohol, B blockers, phenothiazines, and other vasodilators may potentiate hypotension 2) Nitro rapidly deteriorates if exposed to the air, light, or temp, changes
Drug interactions #3
Use with calcium channel blockers can result in symptomatic orthostatic hypotension
0.4mg/metered dose aerosol spray-Nitrolingual Spray Ointment-Nitro-Bid
Adult Dose:
SL Tablet or spray: 0.4mg. May be rptd. q 5 min, as long as BP is above 90mm/hg
Ointment: 1 to 2in.(15 to 30mg) on the chest wall
Pediatric Dose:
Not recommended for Out-of-hospital use
SL; Transdermal
1) Use with caution with PTs taking Viagra or E.D meds withing 24 hrs/ contact med. control
2) If using spray, DON'T shake before administration