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"I don't attach any importance to my life anymore. I'm alone. No I wanted to come back, and warn you."
Moche the Beadle
"... fair hair well combed, a red coat over her arm, a little girl of seve. The bundle on her back was too heavy for her. She gritted her teeth. She knew by now that it would be useless to complain."
"... a cultured, rather unsentimental man. There was never any display of emotion... The Jewish community in Sighet held him in the greatest esteem. They often used to consult him about public matters and even about private ones."
Author about Mr. Wiesel
"The only thing that keeps me alive... is that Reizel and the chldren are still alive. If it wasn't for them, I couldn't keep going."
Stein of Antwerp
"He had changed. There was no longer any joy in his eyes. He no longer sang. He no longer talked... of God or of the cabbala, but only what he had seen."
Author about Moche the Beadle
"She was about fifty... Her husband and two eldest sons had been deported with the first transport by mistake. The separation had completely broken her."
Madame Schachter
"He too had become a completely different person. The student of the Talmud, the child that he was, had been consumed in the flames. There remained only a shape that looked like him."
Elie Wiesel
"He was very poor and lived humbly... Nobody felt embarrassed by him... He was a past master in the art of making himself insignificant, of seeming invisible."
Author about Moche the Beadle
"... a cruel face, but not devoid of intelligence, and wearing a monocle; a conductor's baton in his hand... the baton moved unremittingly, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left."
Dr. Mengele
"She continued to scream, breathless, her voice broken by sobs. 'Jews, listen to me! I can see a fire! There are huge flames! It is a furnace!'"
Madame Schachter
"great fire"
Systematic killing of a race or group of people
Jewish prisoners of war
View of a person based on race or affiliation
Discrimination and viloence directed at Jews
Group of people targeted for blame
National socialist German workers party
German secret police
German elite
Discrimination of a group of people
Had an operation on his foot
Elie Wiesel
Almost was thrown off the train, believed to be frozen to death
Mr. Wiesel
Hanged as an example
the Pipel
Beat Elie for catching him with a girl
Forces Elie to give up his gold tooth
Prevents Elie from being strangled`\
Loses will to live when he loses his faith
Akiba Drumer
Plays the violin while dying
His son abandons him
Rabbi Eliahou
was trampled to death
Irony: the sign above Auschwitz says "work is liberty"
there is no liberty
Irony: Elie's father says, "You don't die of the yellow star."
In reality, the yellow star marks you for death
Irony: The electric fence says "danger for death."
9 out of 10 people are going to die anyway
Irony: Elie says, "I have more fsith in Hitler than in anyone else."
Hitler is the one that is planning on killing everyone
Irony: The woman says, "I like to give to charity."
She's not doing it for charity, she's doing it for entertainment.