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For how many years after the Holocaust did Wiesel agree to impose a vow of silence?
10 years
Did Wiesle's book, Night, have any trouble finding a publisher?
Yes, the story was too depressing so no one wanted to publish it.
Night is the story of how cultured people turned to Genocide
Wiesel tell the warn the living that it could happen again and it must never happen again
Did the German troops enter Hungarian territory?
Yes, they entered Hungary
What story did Moshe the Beadle tell the Jewish community?
He told them the story of how the Jews were taken away in lorries (trucks) and made to dig graves in the forest, then were shot and placed in these graves
How old is the main character as the story opens in 1941?
He is 12 years old
What is the greatest indignity human beings can inflict one on another?
Telling people who have suffered excruciating pain that their pain and loss were illusions (had not really happened)
What did Elie Wiesel ask his father to do in 1944 and what was his father's response?
He asked him to immigrate to Palestine, but his father said he was too old to start over
What happened on the seventh day of Passover?
The Germans arrested the leaders of the Jewish community
What was Mr. Wiesel's response to the Yellow star degree?
It said, "Oh well, you don't die from wearing it." In other words, it was no big thing.
How did Jewish women prepare food for their deportation?
The women cooked eggs, roasted meat, baked cakes, and made knapsacks (like backpacks).
What were they given for food and drink for the train journey?
a few loaves of bread and a bucket of water for each train car
How did living in the ghetto create a certain equality in the Jewish community?
Everyone was the same. They had been displaced from their homes, they were all persecuted, they were all equal.
What was the weather like at the time of the deportation?
It was hot. The sun shone on them sitting or standing and made them very thirsty
Describe the Wiesel family.
Father-well respected in community
Mother-worked in shop with father
Daughters- Hilda and Bea
Son (author of book) Elie
Youngest daughter-Tipora
What steps did the Germans take to limit the Jew's freedom and to deport them to a concentration camp?
First, they did not allow them to leave their homes. They were not allowed to go to restaurants and other businesses. Then their shops were closed.
Secondly, they moved them from their homes to ghettos and confiscated all their jewelry, gold, etc.
Thirdly, they forced them as groups to go to the synagogue where they were told they were being resettled, then they placed them in cattle cars on the trains and took them to the concentration camps.
Those on the train became tortured by
Was was the rule of those in the trains?
to save the food for tomorrow
What did the German officers ask them to
give up?
They were asked to give up any gold, silver or watches still in their possession
Explain Madame Schachter's family situation and her responses
Madame Schacter was on the train with her son. Her husband and two sons had already gone to the camps. She lost her mind after that.
Do you think the other prisoners were wrong in how they reacted to Mrs. Schachter's outbursts? Why?
Madame Schachter became screaming that she saw a fire in a furnace. Others got angry and gagged and tied her up. This was ok because it was their way of protection against knowing what was going to happen to them and also to keep from drawing the attention of the German guards because of her screaming.
What was one of the first things those on the trains saw and smelled upon arriving at Auschwitz?
They saw the smoke stacks with smoke coming out of them and smelled burning flesh.
What is Birkenau?
It is the reception area for the concentration camp, Auschwitz
What country did they pass through to get to Auschwitz?
The prisoners passed through Czechoslovakia
What were the eight short, simple words that changed Elie Wiesel's life?
Men to the left. Women to the right.
Why must Elie, upon his arrival, lie to the first SS officer?
He lied about his age and said he was 18 so he could remain with his father.
In what ways can we see Elie beginning to change because of his experience?
Eli began to question God and why he was letting this happen. He began to think that God was silent. He revolted wondering why he should bless His name, when God was letting this happen to the Jewish people
Why does the boy, Elie, lie to Stein about his wife?
Elie lied to Stein and told him she had escaped because he wanted to encourage him by giving him some good news.
What process do the prisoners undergo after they pass the selection that degrades and dehumanizes them?
They were tatooed with numbers and from that time on they were known only by their numbers, not their names.
Describe Dr. Mengele
Dr. Mengele appeared to enjoy the selection of people. He would smile and nod and hold himself above everyone. He also especially liked to keep young children with him for experiments.
What does Elie say he does for a living?
He says he is a farmer
How does Elie react to his father being beaten?
Elie just stays back and does nothing. He realizes that before they were in the camp, he would have gone and defended his father, but not now.
How does Elie react when his father is being beaten by Idek?
Elie stood back again and let his father get beaten, but he discovered that he wasn't as angry at Idek for beating his father, but angry at this father for not knowing how to avoid getting beaten.
Why didn't the prisoners attempt to get soup from the unprotected cauldrons, and why did they hate the man who did try?
The terror of the bombing was greater even than their hunger, but they also watched the man crawl for the soup and were jealous of him for daring to get to the soup.
Why did the hanging of the young pipel affect Eli so deeply?
The young boy, the pipel, stood quietly why they put the noose around his neck and then afterward he was not dead, but dying slowly while the prisoners filed past. Everyone was weeping and Elie felt that it was like God who was hanging there, not a young child. God was dead to the Jewish people in the camp, thought Elie
At the hanging of the young pipel, what did one man ask?
He asked "Where is God now?" and within Elie, was the voice...He is hanging here on this gallows.
What instance of human compassion and dignity occurred in this chapter?
There were two instances. The first was when the dentist was willing to put off pulling Elie's tooth and the second was when the young girl gave Elie some bread after he got beaten by Idek.
The dentist was not looking for decayed teeth but was looking for
gold in the teeth because it was worth money
Why did Idek beat Elie the first time?
Because he got in his way.
What type of music were Jews not allowed to play?
They were not allowed to play German music such as Beethoven.
Who had a face like a death mask?
The dentist
Wiesel now took little interest in anything except his daily plate of soup and his time with his father.
True. Elie realized that food nourished his body and seeing his father kept his spirits up.
The French girl that helped Elie passed herself off as an
Why did Elie get beaten the second time?
Elie got beaten for "meddling" in someone's elses business (Idek). He saw Idek with girl and that his why he got whipped.
The bombing of the concentration camp by the Americans gave prisoners great hope.
True. Believing that they would be freed soon is what gave them the hope needed to continue to live.
Why does Elie regard the weak, starving prisoners as stronger than God?
Because despite the fact he believed that God had given up on them, the prisoners still prayed. He was amazed that with the suffering and torture, they still worshipped God. He also recalled (in his mind) how God had walked away from men in Bibical history, while the prisoners still carried on worshipping God.
How does Elie show his rebellion against God?
Elie shows his rebellion by accusing God of deserting the Jews and also by refusing to pray during the holy day of Rosh Hannah
What advice is given to the prisoners before a selection?
They are told to run around and get some color into their faces so they looked healthier.
Why does Akiba Drumer lose the will to live?
He was weak and had given up after he was selected.
Elie fasted on Yom Kippur mainly to please his father. True or false?
False, Elie did not fast so he could please his father. He knew the importance of eating and believed that they were already fasting with the limited rations they got.
What operation does Elie have?
Elie had a swollen foot and he thought that they were going to amputate his whole leg.
But when he woke up and talked to the doctor, the doctor assured him that they had only drained the pus from a wound on his foot.
One of the prisoners says he has more faith in Hitler than anyone else. True or false?
True, because Hitler was the only one who kept his promises to the Jews. He was destroying them as he promised
Describe the food conditions in the hospital.
In the hospital, the patients got thicker soup and good bread.
What would have happened to Elie had he chosen to stay behind in the hospital?
Elie chose to go because he thought that he would be exterminated, but if he had stayed behind he would have been liberated in just two days by the Russians.