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Where is the suboccipital region?
Space b/w occipital bone and first two cervical vertebrae
Key structures in this region are deep to what muscle?
Semispinalis Capitis
What are the borders of the suboccipital triangle?
Obliquus capitis inferior (inferior boundary)
Obliquus capitis superior (lateral boundary)
Rectus capitis posterior major (medial boundary)
Attachments of Obliquus capitis inferior
Spinous process of C2, transverse process of C1
Attachments of Obliquus capitis superior
transverse process of C1, occipital bone
Attachments of Rectus Capitis Posterior Major
Spinous process of C2, inferior nuchal line of occipital bone
Attachments of Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor
Posterior tubercle of C1, inserts on inferior nuchal line
Contents of suboccipital triangle
Suboccipital Nerve, Vertebral Artery
Origin of suboccipital nerve
Dorsal primary ramus of C1
The suboccipital nerve innervates..
4 muscles of suboccipital rgn. (motor neuron)
The Vertebral Artery is a branch of...
Subclavian Artery
Vertebral Artery does not enter Foramen Transversarium of.....
Vertebral Artery anastomoses to form....
Basilar Artery
Basilar Artery Supplies...
Brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum
The Greater Occipital Nerve is...
Cutaneous branch of dorsal primary ramus of C2
Path of Greater Occipital Nerve
C1-C2 space, through semispinalis capitis, passes inferior to obliquus capitis inferior, to scalp (sensory nerve)