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does a loaf of whole wheat bread sold by a local bakery need a nutrition label
what are the most common food additives
sugar and salt
High intakes of vegetables and fruits are related to decreased risk of
stroke and cancer
what helps calcium absord
vitamin d
what are the building blocks of protein?
amino acids
what happens if any of the essential amino acids are missing
proteins are not formed
what plant is considered a complete protein?
soy bean
what is deficient in one or more essential amino acids
incomplete protein
incomplete proteins consist of
most plant sources, rice, cereals, corn, peas, nuts,
complete proteins consist of
meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt
what serves as a structural material of muscles, connective tissue, organs, and hemoglobin
a lacto ovo vegetarian will eat eggs but not dairy foods
zinc is only found in animal products?
a vegan may eat fish but exclude all other animal products.
it is possible to lower the risk of developing heart disease and colon cancer by adopting a vegetarian diet.