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What do we say when a news story was written by another reporter first?
The story was scooped.
What is sponsorship related to reporting news?
Sponsorship a technique used for getting recommended to a source.
What do we mean when we say information is not for attribution?
Not for attribution is a description of information that may be used as background, but whose source may not be identified.
What is a human source of news?
A human source is the person who was directly involved in the event.
What is a physical source for news?
A physical source is a search tool like; records; documents; reference works; newspaper clippings and direct observations.
What do we mean by morgue when we are talking about news?
The morgue is a reference library that stores clippings of published articles.
What is background information?
Any information that can be used, but cannot be attributed (the source cannot be given) except in a general way.
What is an interview?
An interview is a formal conversation between a reporter and a source for the purpose of gathering information and opinion.
What is deep background information?
Deep background information is information that can be used, but only without a source indication. Not even an indication of a general source.
Who is an anonymous source?
An anonymous source is a person who gives information, but is not named.
What is on-the-record information?
On-the-record information is information that can be used and the source can be identified.
What is a database?
A data base is a collection of information stored in a computer.
What is the Freedon of Information Act?
The Freedon of Information Act is a law enacted in 1966 requiring government records except those relating to national security, confidential financial data and law enforcement be made available to the public on request.