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"In Baghdad, Iraq, a suicide bomber detonated a car packed with explosives next to a U.S. convoy in Baghdad's dangerous airport road on Tuesday, and several casualties were seen lying next to a damaged wehicle, witnesses and authorities said."
Fam, Mariam. "Suicide Bomber Rams U.S. Convoy in Iraq". November 30, 2004. <>
"KIEV, Ukraine - Ukraine's Supreme Court resumed its probe Tuesday into bitterly disputed results from the presidential runoff election, while parliament convened to debate the threat to this ex-Soviet republic's unity."
Lisova, Natasha. "Hight Court Meets Again on Ukraine Election" November 30, 2004. <>
"UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Kofi Annan (news - web sites) said he was unaware his son received $30,000 a year for over five years from a Swiss-based company under investigation in connection with suspected corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program in Iraq (news - web sites)."
Lederer, Edith. "Son's Payments on Deal Disappoint Annan". November 30, 2004. <>
"An Army helicopter carrying a brigadier general and six other soldiers crashed and burned in the fog yesterday after hitting a web of support wires on a TV transmission tower, officials said. Everyone aboard was killed. "
Wickham, DeWayne. "General, six others die in Texas helicopter crash" November 30, 2004. <>
Hottest Christmas Gift Ideas "Poll"
Operation Iraqui Freedom
Nebraska Football Future
Bush Administration
Medical Marijuana
Traveling 10 Commandments
Hottest Christmas Toys "video games"
Medical Marijuana
Lady going to court because she uses marijuana to live and take care of children
doctor has written form for it
the questioning is lying on weather it should be aloud to be grown in the home for medical purpouses
Gallagher, Maggie. "A CONSTITUTIONAL CASE FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA". November 30, 2004. <>
Medical Marijuana
Should people growing marijuana in their homes for medical purposes be prosecuted under federal law for it?
Peters, Keith. "Court Hears Arguments on Medical Marijuana". November 30. 2004. <>
Reform Bill
In proccess of being passed
Help protect america from being in another attack like 9/11
Fox News, Tuesday November 30, 2004. 9 o'clock news
Reform Bill will impact civil liberties
Fox News, Tuesday November 30, 2004. 9 o'clock news
police tazzers "shockers" are "killing people"
they are tying to find a rule to decide when to use them
right now the rule is only use after other techniques have failed
Fox News, Tuesday November 30, 2004. 9 o'clock news
Bush Administration
The Cabinet
The group of Bush's helpers
Colon Powell stepped down fromt he job
Bush selected Condeliza Rice to take his place as head of the cabinet
just news
1st loosing season in 43 years
Lost to colorado
Caused Cornhuskers to end their NCAA record of consecutive years in a bowl game at 35
Olson, Eric. "Buffs hold off Cornhuskers". November 27. 2004. <>
Scott peterson trial
Convicted November 12 as guilty of murdering wife and shild
Fox new channel 8. 9 o'clock news
Bush Names Keirk Security Chief
Holland, Steve. "Bush Names Kerik Security Chief; Thompson Out". December 3, 2004. December 3, 2004. <>
Vehicles that our soldiers in Iraq are using, are not good enough, they cannot be repaired well enough
Lumpkin, John. "Military working hard to upgrade Iraq vehicles' armor, officials say". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Terrorist Bill passed December 9, 2004
Muslim American Society. "Congress Passes Intelligence Reform Bill". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Ten Commandments got kicked out of building in Alabama because of someones a guy is carrying them around in his truck to different towns so people can look and touch them
Mrs. LPfenning
Scott Petersen (being held on trial for murdering his wife and unborn baby)
On thursday the jury began to decide whether he is to be lifesentenced or not
The Associated Press. "Jury begins deliberating Peterson’s sentence". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
The highest court in Canada now allows same sex marraiges
The highest court in U.S.A. still does not allow same sex marraiges
Williams, Pete. "Canada Court Allows Gay Marriage". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday flatly ruled out raising payroll taxes to ensure the solvency of Social Security as he began a push for historic changes in the retirement program.
The Associated Press. "Bush rules out
tax hike to fund Social Security". December 9,2004. December 9, 2004. <>
NEW YORK - The latest Islamic radical to command a multi-million dollar reward from the U.S. government is being sought because of his contacts and influence, not because he directs terrorist operations, according to U.S. intelligence officials.
Windrem, Robert. "U.S. hunts for 'pen jihadist'
$5 million reward set for al-Qaida member" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Wquipment in Iraw
WASHINGTON - Saying U.S. soldiers in Iraq “deserve the best,” President Bush emphasized Thursday that the administration was addressing equipment concerns like the one about armored vehicles raised by a soldier who questioned Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
MSNBC. "Bush: Soldiers’ equipment
gripes heard
To colleagues’ cheers, soldier complained about armor to Rumsfeld". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
AIDS in poverty countries
More than 1 billion children are suffering from the deprivations of HIV/ AIDS, poverty and war, which threatens to debilitate the future of entire nations, according to a UNICEF report on “The State of the World’s Children” for the year 2005 released on Thursday.
Cahill, Petra. "Children under attack from AIDS, war, poverty
UNICEF report says nations failing on promise to protect kids". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
NEW YORK - What is the hush-hush intelligence project that apparently costs a fortune and has angered key Democratic senators?


Intelligence experts speculate that the highly classified endeavor is a top-secret satellite that would, or perhaps already can, intercept and shut down other countries' spy satellites.
Windrem, Robert. "What is America's top-secret spy program?
Experts think Democrats objected to satellite weapon". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Bush Administration
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday announced that he had selected former Republican National Committee Jim Nicholson to head the Veterans Affairs Department and his spokesman said that four other Cabinet members — the secretaries of the Transportation, Labor, Interior and Housing departments — had agreed to stay on for his second term.
The Association Press. "Bush continues
to shape Cabinet
for second term
Nicholson to head VA;
4 others to stay on job". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon easily won a crucial party vote to reinforce his shaky government to carry out his Gaza pullout plan, party officials announced Thursday.
The Association Press. "Israel’s Sharon wins crucial party vote
PM gains support for Gaza pullout plan". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - A TV reporter was sentenced Thursday to six months of home confinement for refusing to say who leaked him an FBI videotape of a politician taking a bribe.
The Association Press. "Reporter gets 6 months home confinement
Journalist faced prison over protecting source
of FBI videotape". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
COLUMBUS, Ohio - It looked like something out of a macabre heavy-metal video: The lights dimmed in the smoke-filled nightclub, the rock band Damageplan launched into its first thunderous riffs, and then a man in a hooded sweatshirt ran the length of the stage and opened fire, shooting the lead guitarist at least five times in the head.
The Association Press "Deadly Ohio nightclub rampage baffles police
Motive murky for spree that left 5 people dead, including gunman" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
PHOENIX - A top municipal official in Phoenix died in a bizarre incident that saw him crawl out of his fast-moving vehicle, stand atop its roof and extend his arms outward before tumbling off, authorities said Thursday.
Reuters. "Official dies after fall from atop moving car
Phoenix’s top finance manager killed in bizarre incident". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
The Bush administration's effort to create a national database of potential terrorist targets such as dams, pipelines, chemical plants and skyscrapers is far behind schedule and may take years to finish.
Hall, Mimi. "Terror target list way behind" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Under the guidance of Iraq (news - web sites)'s most powerful Shiite cleric, Shiite parties presented a list Thursday of 228 candidates for next month's parliamentary elections. Minority Sunni Arabs, who had been favored under Saddam Hussein (news - web sites), must now decide whether to join the race or renounce a vote that will help determine the country's future.
Fam, Mariam. "Shiites List Candidates for Iraq Election" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Wholesale prices for Florida tomatoes, which topped $40 for a 25-pound box just before Thanksgiving, have dropped to $12 a box. Consumers will see retail prices go down by next week, according to the Florida Tomato Committee, an association that represents growers and sets marketing standards. (Related story: Looks or taste? UglyRipe brand fights for respect)
Parker, Laura. "Tomato supply about to catch up". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
(Court TV) — Lawyers for the California Department of Education (news - web sites) told a Superior Court judge last month they support a mother's choice to send her genius son to UCLA, but they don't agree that the state should foot the bill.
Grinberg, Emanuella. "Mother of 14-year-old UCLA student sues state for cost of education" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
A new family of drugs known as aromatase inhibitors is more effective at treating breast cancer in older women than the current gold-standard drug, tamoxifen, researchers said Wednesday.
H. Thomas. "New Breast Cancer Drugs Dramatically Advance Treatment for Older Women" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
DETROIT, Mich. (Court TV) — A former fourth-grade teacher vividly demonstrated for jurors Wednesday how she butchered her husband of 30 years with a hatchet.

AP Photo

With a loose wrist and clenched jaw, Nancy Seaman swung her arm back and fourth to mime the 16 blows that killed her husband. Seaman also climbed out of the witness box and cowered on the floor to show how she tried to fend off her husband. Seaman said he attacked her after an argument May 10.
Rosser, Bo. "Teacher tells jurors about killing husband with hatchet". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites) bid a nostalgic farewell on Thursday to the NATO (news - web sites) Western security alliance he first served as platoon commander facing down the Soviet army 46 years ago.
Mohammad, Arshad. "Powell Bids Nostalgic Farewell to NATO". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Frustrated by furious winds, mountainous seas and a mere five-hour window of December daylight, rescuers searched Thursday for six people lost in the Bering Sea after the Coast Guard helicopter that had plucked them from a crippled freighter crashed in the darkness.
Volz, Matt. "Six Still Missing Off Alaska; Tanker Leaks ". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
NEW ORLEANS - A fourth-grade girl may return to school Friday, having completed a nine-day suspension for bringing to school what appeared to be about 30 "Jell-O shots," school officials said.
Simpson, Doug. "Schoolgirl Returns After Jell-O Suspension ". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) -- Letting children play video games on a Game Boy in the operating room before undergoing surgery can help relax them better than tranquilizers or holding Mommy's hand, researchers say.
CNN. "Video games calm kids before surgery
More effective than tranquilizers or parental presence". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A U.S. Marine who disappeared in Iraq and then showed up in a purported hostage video before later appearing as a free man in Lebanon, is being charged with desertion, Pentagon officials said Thursday.
Mount, Mike. "Marine 'hostage' to be charged with desertion". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) -- Food is running so low aboard the international space station that flight controllers have instructed the two crewmen to cut back on calories, at least until a Russian supply ship arrives in a little over two weeks.
CNN. "Space station crew forced to cut calories". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
LINCOLN, Nebraska (AP) -- A landlord was ordered to pay more than $66,000 in damages Thursday to 10 women who accused him of violating federal Fair Housing laws by demanding sex in lieu of rent.
CNN "Landlord looses sex demand suit". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will travel to Iraq next month as the war-torn country prepares for elections.
CNN "Kerry to visit Middle East, troops in Iraq". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
(CNN) -- Many holiday shoppers view their task as a dreaded chore, not as the enjoyable part of the season that it could be with some good planning and the help of's holiday shopping guide.
Milly, Jenna "Good planning key to shopping success". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
(CNN) -- Putting off dashing to the mall while grumbling all the way? Worried about soaring bills?

Consider estate sales, flea markets, the Web and independent boutiques or artisan galleries. They boast unique gifts, an emphasis on customer care, dollar-saving deals and most of all shopping sans the seasonal stress.
Oglesby, Christy. "Gift buying? Think outside the mall". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
(CNN) -- The saying is irritatingly familiar: "Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today." And yet, many of us cannot help ourselves when it comes to the holidays.
Mees, Mimi. "Holiday countdown". December 9, 2004. December 9, 2004. <>
Ideas on buying, wrapping, and giving gifts
CNN. "Gift Ideas" December 9, 2004. December 9, 2003. <>