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Noonan Syndrome
Coarcts, ASD,
Coarcts, AS , ASD
supravalve AS, supravalve PS, VSD
Holt ORam vs DiGeorge
Holt has ASD, VSD, DiGeorge has VSD and arch anoma
Supracristal VSD
Muscular VSD
Top is an inlet VSD, the bottom is an apical muscular VSD
Konno procedure
aortic annulus is enlarged through the
ventricular septum and patched open to accept a larger aortic prosthesis or
Ross proceduree
native pulmonary valve is excised and placed in the aortic position (the
pulmonary valve is replaced by a homograft prosthesis). In the Ross procedure, the coronary artery
origins must be explanted and reimplanted into the aortic root.
the pulmonary veins form a confluence behind the
left atrium, and this �common pulmonary vein confluence� grows toward the back of the left
atrium, merges with the rest of the forming left atrium, and forms a single, larger chamber. In
fact, most of the tissue present in the normal left atrium is made up of tissue from the primitive
pulmonary venous confluence. The embryologic left atrium remains as the left atrial appendage.
Cor triatriatum results from failure of the common pulmonary vein to be incorporated completely
into the posterior of the left atrium.
Supravalvar mitral ring is another intracardiac
obstructive lesion which can form within the left
atrium and obstruct pulmonary venous inflow.
The embryologic origin of this obstruction is
unknown. In at least 90% of cases, supravalvar
mitral ring is associated with other left heart
obstructions (Shone�s syndrome). The location
of this fibrous ridge is between the left atrial
appendage and the mitral valve. It can be
distinguished from cor triatriatum by its location
below the atrial appendage, rather than above it.
Gross---List the procedure..
ligation of PDA
Blalock, Taussig ---List the procedure..
systemic-pulmonary shunt/subclav. art to pulm artery
Gross, Crafoot--List the procedure..
repair of coarctation
Potts--List the procedure..
descending aorta to LPA shunt/direct side-to-side anastomosis
Muller--List the procedure..
pulmonary artery band
Gibbon--List the procedure..
repair of ASDntr
Lillehei--List the procedure..
repair of VSDntr
Glenn--List the procedure..
SVC to PA shuntr
Mustard--List the procedure..
atrial correction of transpositionr)H
Lillehei, Kirklinband--List the procedure..
repair of TOFzer
Waterstonof --List the procedure..
aorta to RPA shunt/ direct side-to-side anastomosisy
Rastelli--List the procedure..
conduit to replace pulmonary artery/close VSD
Rashkind--List the procedure..
balloon atrial septostomy (catheter)H
Fontan, Kreutzer--List the procedure..
repair of tricuspid atresia$X
Jatene--List the procedure..
arterial switch for transposition
The Fontan-type Operation for Single Ventricle*
Goals of the Fontan Operation
1. Separate systemic and pulmonary circulations.
2. Remove volume load from the (single) pumping chamber.
Fontan - Operative Concept
1. Direct the systemic venous blood to the lungs.
2. No pumping chamber in the pulmonary circuit.
3. Allow ventricle(s) to pump pulmonary venous blood to body.
Knowledge of associations with supracristal VSD
aortic cusp prolapse
List Aortic Stenosis Criteria
List Aortic Stenosis Criteria
List Mitral Stenosis Criteria
List Mitral Stenosis Criteria
List AI criteria
List MR Criteria
List MR Criteria
What are the Tr criteria
List wilkins or block score
What are the normal max velocities by doppler through mitral, Tricuspid, LVOT, PA and Aorta?
What are nomal DT, IVRT and E a and p wave A duration
What is this
What is this
What is this?
what are the PR parameters for mild mod and sev
AS paramteters?
AR parameters
MS parameters
MR parameters
What are the guidlines for AR, when is surgery indicated, how often to echo etc...
What are the guidelines for AS, how often to echo, when for surgery?
What are the guidelines for AS, how often to echo, when for surgery?
What are the guidelines for AR, how often to echo, when for surgery?
Describe etiology and physical findings in MS
Describe what to do with Wilkins score
Describe MVP
dEscribe combine AS and MR and when this occurs etc...
Desribe MR, causes etc.
Describe the duke modified criteria
Describe what causes endocarditis and how to handle it.
Describe what causes endocarditis and how to handle it.
Describe how to handle and who is high risk for pregnancy in CHD
Describe how to handle and who is lower risk for pregnancy in CHD
Go through the physics Mnemonics