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State the major wine regions of California
North Coast
Central Coast
South Coast
Central Valley
Sierra Foothills
State what agency regulates the U.S. wine industry
Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
State the USA required percentage for varietal and AVA labeling
Varietal % = 75%
AVA % = 85%
(specific vineyard = 95%)
Name 3 AVAs in Napa
Los Carneros
Wild Horse Valley
Mt. Veeder
Atlas Peak
Howell Mountain
Stags Leap
Spring Mountain
Name 3 AVAs in Sonoma
Alexander Valley
Dry Creek Valley
Chalk Hill
Russian River Valley
Sonoma Coast
Sonoma Mountain
Sonoma Valley
Name 1 AVA in Mendocino
Cole Ranch (smallest AVA in U.S.)
Redwood Valley
Anderson Valley
Name 1 AVA in Lake County
Red Hills
State a synonym for Fume Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
Name 3 California sparkling wine producers
Gloria Ferrer
Mumm Napa
State 2 AVAs of Monterey
Santa Lucia Highlands
Arroyo Seco
Hames Valley
San Bernebe
San Lucas
State 2 AVAs in Santa Barbara
Santa Maria Valley
Sta. Rita Hills (spelled "sta.")
Santa Ynez Valley
State 1 AVA in San Luis Obispo
Paso Robles
Define Meritage
Bordeaux grape varietals
State origins of Zinfandel
Name 3 California Pinot Noir specialists
Williams Selyem
Kosta Browne
Merry Edwards
Name 3 top California Cabernet producers
Diamond Creek
Stags Leap
Name 3 producers of Rhone varietals or blends
Tablas Creek
Gregory Graham
Name the first AVA
Augusta, Missouri
Name 3 AVAs of Washington
Rattlesnake Hills
Columbia Gorge
Horse Heaven Hills
Red Mountain
Walla Walla
Columbia Valley
Yakima Valley
Name 3 AVAs of Oregon
Willamette Valley
- Dundee Hills
-ribbon Ridge
-Yamhill-Carlton district
-Eola-amity hills
-chehalem Mtns.

Columbia Valley
-columbia gorge - overlaps WA
-Walla Walla - overlaps WA

Southern Oregon
-Umpqua Valley
-rogue Valley
-Snake river Valley
State the Oregon requirement for varietal AVA labeling
90% for grape variety of Pinot Noir
100% from state AVA
(75% for cab sauv and others)
Name 1 AVA of New York
Long Island
Finger Lakes
Niagara Escarpment
Lake Erie
the Hamptons, Long Island
Hudson River Region
Name the state where wine making started in the USA
New York
Name 2 important wine regions of Canada
Niagara Peninsula (ice wine)
Okanagan Valley
name the country where wine making began on the American continent
name the region that Casablanca is within and what wines the area is known for
region: Aconcagua
Wines: Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
Name the region Maipo is within and what wines the area is known for
Region: Valle Central
Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon
(or bordeaux varietals)
State what is unique about the vines in Chile
NO phylloxera
name the obscure bordeaux varietal that is important in Chile
Carmenere grape
State the minimum percentage for varietal labeling in Chile
Name the most important region and grape of Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Grape: Malbec
name the 4 sub-regions of Valle Central in Chile
Name the most important grape of Uraguay
Name 3 wine regions on New Zealand's North Island
Bay of Plenty
Hawke's Bay (cabernet)
Martinborough (up and coming)
Name 3 wine regions on New Zealand's South Island
Marlborough (sauv blanc)
Central Otago
Name the up and coming region for Pinot Noir in New Zealand
Central Otago
Name the most promising region in New Zealand for Cabernet blends and Syrah (hint on North Island)
Hawke's Bay
State what 2 grapes were crossed to created Pinotage
Pinot Noir and Cinsault
State the meaning of cultivar
cultivated varietal
Describe Vin de Constance
south african naturally sweet wine from the muscat grape
Name 2 WOs of the coastal region and 1 WO of Breede
Coastal: Stellenbosch WO and Paarl CO
Breede: Breedkloof
Most important wine zones in South Island New Zealand
Marlborough (Sauv blanc)
Otago (pinot Noir)
State the minimum percentage for Australian wine varietal labeling
85% varietal
State the significance of the order grapes are listed on a wine label of Australia
listed in descending order
most varietal first to least
Name the grape of Penfold's Grange
Name a GI within each:
1. So. Australia
2. Victoria
3. New South Wales
4. Western Australia
1. Barossa Valley, Clare Valley
McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Eden Valley
2.Mornington Peinsula, Geelong, Rutherglen, Yarra Valley
3. Hunter Valley, Orange, Mudgee
4. Swan Valley, Margaret River
Name the Australian Super Zone
Southeastern Australia

which includes: New South Wales, Victoria and tasmania
and parts of South Australia and Queensland
Name an Australian GI that is well known for riesling
Clare Valley
name the state of Australia that produces promising sparkling wines
State the local name for the soil of Coonawarra
terra rosa
red soil