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Some wealthy Spanish colonists raised sheep and cattle on large farms called
The Spanish King wanted to spread the
Catholic faith
Many small religious settlements called
Missions were built all over
Mexico and the Southwest and California in order to covert Indians to the Catholic religion
Junipero Serra
A Spanish Catholic priest who built 9 Catholic missions in California.
Missions in California...
changed the way that the Indians lived and worshipped
El Camino Real
A Spanish road over 600 miles long that connected many missions in California.
Several American cities such as _______________________ and ___________________ began as early Spanish missions.
San Diego and San Antonio
Why did colonists and missionaries come to the cities of New Spain?
Colonists and Missionaries
Colonists came to the cities of New Spain ....
for adventure, to start a new life
Missionaries came to the cities of New Spain...
to convert everyone to the Catholic religion
What parts of the U.S. today has a Spanish influence?
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida
What part of North America did France begin to claim?
While Spain concentrated on the southern areas, France settled in teh north in what is now Canada and northern U.S.
Why were the French so eager to build a colony in New France?
They were very interested in getting furs (especially beaver furs) to use in clothing in France. The furs brought a lot of money.
Were the Indians interested in supplying the furs?
Yes, very much. The Indians were very intersted in getting goods from Europe.