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True or False:

Almost without exception, Mark paints the Twelve Disciple as faithful and courages.
List one reason that many scholars beleive that Mark was the first gospel to be written.
A). Matthew & Luke have a heavy literary dependence on Mark
D). Matthew & Luke follow the same order of events as long as their sequence parallels Mark's material
The Griesbach Theory maintains that:
C). Mark is the a conflation and abridgement of the other two Synoptic gospels
During Jesus' earthly ministy, Jesus appears to tell parables because parables function:
B). As a tool for critizing the current structures of the dominant order
C). As evidence that the way of Jesus is not an easy way
Mark Commonly employs a literary technique of inserting one story inside another story. This literary technique heightens the suspence and tension of the story, helps with the passing of time, and provides an interpretative key for a not-always-obvious relationship between the two stories, and this literary device is called:
The characters in Mark's gospel hat most readily recognize who Jesus is are:
D). The demons
Early history references (such as Papias) indicate that Marks' gospel was composed from information about Jesus' life and ministry which Mark received from: