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-Religious party among Jews
-Believe in immortality, resurrection
-Strict ceremonial
-Oral and written are equal
-Party or caste among Jews
-No belief in angels, resurrection, tradition
population was partly Jewish and partly gentile
The annointed, or Messiah
The anointed
John the Baptist
Son of Zacharias and Elisabeth
Wise Men
-Prophets on a divine errand
-From land east of Palestine
-Gift of God
-Tax gatherer at Capernaum
-His gosepl for Jewship people in Palestine
-Objective is to show that Jesus is prophesied
-From Jerusalem
-His gospel written under direction of Peter
-Object to show Savior as incarnate Son of God living among men
-Fisherman at Bethsaida by Sea of Galilee
-Recieved keys on holy mount
-Given the name Boanerges
-beheaded by Herod
-one of the twelve
-Given name Boanerges "a son of thunder"
-Did not die
-Sons of thunder
-James and John
-Subdivision of Roman army
-6,000 infanty, with contingent cavalry
-Person descended from Phoenicians of Syria
-Person belonged to Canaanites of O.T.
-Men who bought, farmed, or collected taxes under Roman government
-Detested by Jews
-Court official
-Teachers of the law
-Reproduce and teach others to reproduce words of the wise
-"One sent forth"
-Special witnesses of Jesus Christ
-A pupil or learner
-Name used to denote twelve
-All followers of JEsus Christ
-"Good news" = Jesus Christ has made a perfect atonement
Matthew Only (1)
-Visit of the wise men, star in the east
Mark Only (2)
-Jesus, a carpenter
-Young man wearing a sheet
Luke Only (6)
-Visits of Gabriel to Zacharia and Mary
-Visit of shepherds
-Jesus at temple at 12
-The seventy
-Jesus sweating blood
-Jesus talks to thief on cross
-Jesus eating fish and honey after resurrection
John Only (8)
-Turning water into wine
-Visit of Nicodemus
-Woman at the well
-Bread of life
-Raising Lazarus
-Washing of feet
-Holy Ghost discourse
-John to tarry on earth
Percent of Exclusiveness
-Mark 7%
-John 92%
-"a rod for testing straightness"
-Standard works
-Manuscript of ancient biblican text
-Like modern books
-Greek translation of O.T.
-Bible in common use at beginning of Christian era
Beatitudes (8)
-Poor in spirit = Kingdom of Heaven
-Mourn = Comfort
-Meek = inherit the earth
-Hunger and thirst = filled
-Merciful = mercy
-Pure in heart = see God
-Peacemakers = Children of God
-Persecuted = Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdom of God
-The church on earth
-Preparation for Celestial state
Kingdom of Heaven
-True church path to Heaven
-Political and ecclesiastical
Son of Man
Found in Gospels 80 times
-"Preparer" or "Restorer"
-Darnel grass, poisonous weed, like wheat
Transfiguration Experience
-"that of the Terrestrial order"
-Purpose: protect from God
-Who: Peter, James, John, Jesus
-Who came: Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist
-What happened: Endownment
-Where: Mount Hermon
-"Given to God"
-Anything dedicated to God
-Binding vow
Parables for each Gospel (3)
Matthew: tares, hidden treasure, pearl of great price
Mark: seed growing secretly
Luke: two debtors, good samaritan, importuned friend
'Am ha'aretz
-"People of the land"
-Common Jews
Herod the Great
-Converted Jew
-Vasal King (Jew but worked for Roman empire)
Herod Archelaus
-Son of Herod the Great
-Ruled Judea in 4 B.C.
Herod Antipas
-Sone of Herod the Great
-Ruled Galille and Perea in 4 B.C.
-Anti-Jewish scripture
-Pauline letters and Luke
Audience and Style of Matthew
-Speaking to Jew
-talks about Joseph
-"Fulfilled . . ."
-What Christ was through birth (Messiah, royal lineage)
Audience and Style of Mark
-Speaking to Gentiles in Rome
-What Christ did (miracles)
-John the Baptist
-Jesus begins ministry and miracles
Spoken Languages in N.T. World
Genealogy in Matthew
-3 sets of 14 generations
-5 women (Bathsheba, Ruth, Rehab, Mary, Tamar)
Why it is called the New Testament, "covenant," "testimony"
Litmus Test for if Scripture:
-Attributable to Apostles
-Without heresy
-Consistent with teaching
-Used by congregations
-Manuscript used in 3-8th centuries AD
Son of David
-Solomon and eventualy Jesus Christ
Telestial (natural law) = Terrestrial (Law of Moses) = Celestial (Law of Christ)
Ex: Murder = anger, Chastity = thoughts, retaliation = turn other cheek
Doing the best we can in our sphere and station
Matthew, Mark, Luke
Double Tradition
What Matthew and Luke only share
Triple Tradition
What Mark, Matthew, and Luke only share
Two Source Theory
Matthew and Luke get original stuff from Q or other source
Quelle (source) that Matthew and Luke could have gotten stuff from
587 BC
Babylonian Invasion
333 BC
Alexander the Great, Hellenism
63 BC
Pompey, Roman Control
4 BC
Herods death
70 AD
Jewish revolt, destruction of the temple
Event in Jerusalem
Herod rebuilt the temple, but then in 70 AD it was destroyed
Event in Bethlehem
Samuel anoints David at Bethlehem
Event in Nazareth
In the synagogue at Nazareth that the Lord declared himself to be the fulfiller of the prophecy
Event in Capernaum
Jesus heals Peter's wife's mother
Event in Caesarea Philippi
Scene of Peter’s testimony of the Lord’s Messiahship and divine Sonship
Event in Judea
Ruled by Herod Archelaus in 4 B.C.
Event in Decapolis
A man posessing the devil was healed and he told people in this city
Event in Sea of Galilee
Christ calms the sea
Event in Jordan River
Jesus' baptism
Event in Tiberias
Boats came from Tiberias where they did eat bread, and Jesus gave thanks