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Albert Schweitzer
-wrote Quest of the Historical Jesus; this Jesus is trying to convince people so the kingdom will come; so he voluntary dies but is crushed by the system
realized eschatology
the kingdom is actually present in the ministry of Jesus
criteria for testing Jesus' authentic sayings
orality- memorable and brief
form- asphorism(terse snappy pronouncements overturned conventional wisdom)parable(story compares something familiar to something spiritual)
dissimilarity-differs from the church
multiple attestation- found in different books
basileia tou theou
Kingdom of God
- Jesus ascends into heaven
Jesus' post resurrection commission to the Apostles
-Jesus tells the disciples wait on the Holy Spirit, then go and make disciples
is the replacement of Judas Iscariot who hanging himself for betraying Jesus
event of receiving the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit
Jesus in spirit form
-speaking in tongues, Paul speaking in Aramaic and the audience hearing him in Greek
Rabbi Gamaliel
grandson of Rabbi Hillel and teacher of Paul
Against circumcision of Gentile Christians
For Circumcision of gentile Christians
1st martyr for the cause; before when Paul was still Saul
Saul of Tarsus
becomes Paul on the Damascus experience
a disciple; administrator of the church; a son of Herod the Great; father of Alexander the Great
leader of the early church; Paul’s mentor
Of the 21 letters in the NT, Paul wrote 13 of them. That is 1/3 of the NT was written by Paul. But only 7 of the 13 are considered authentically Pauline. The others attributed to him but not considered to have been written by him.
The “undisputed letters” are:
1-2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
Amanuensis- a scribe paid to write down someone else’s thought
The “disputed letters” are”
2 Thessalonians
1-2 Timothy
the Jerusalem conference
The first church conference in which delegates from Gentile Christians and Jewish Christians debate whether or not Gentile Christians are subject to Torah rules like circumcision or dietary regulations
when Paul went there to speak, he was invited to the Areopagus, an open aired court where speakers can express their views
when Paul went there to speak he was arrested, the gov. released him because the Jewish charges had nothing to do w/ Roman Law
Luke's Apology (defense)
explaining why this idea is appropriate; a defense of the spread of the early church.
- is an explanation for why bad things happen & how God is involved in that
Theodicy assumes that God is in control of everything
There is theodicy in the book of Acts, but the book of Acts is not a theodicy
to beliefs about the last days or the end times.
the two ages
The Old Age- before Christ resurrected; in between the Parousia and the Old Age is a waiting period bring the New Age, where every thing will be better, the Christians will be resurrected and ascend to heaven
Paul's view of the Parousia
when the Parousia comes it will bring the New Age, where every thing will be better, the Christians will be resurrected and ascend to heaven
agape (1 Cor. 13)
"self-less" giving
estatic speech (glossolia)
speaking in tongues, Paul speaking in Aramaic and the audience hearing him in Greek
Greek doctrine of immortality
believed that flesh died an spirit goes to heaven; the soul is always alive
Hebrew belief of bodily resurrection
God's ability to raise the faithful dead.
Paul wrote Galatians to the province of Galatia
Jewish Conference- the big issue is circumcision; the outcome is that Gentiles Christians do not have to be circumcised; but Jewish Christians still have to
Against circumcision Hebrews
For Circumcision
Paul's apostolic authority
Paul's apostolic rank derives straight from God himself