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Language of NT
Koine Greek, Aramaic
What does the word Canon mean
'reed' 'cane' later known as 'measuring rod'
What was the purpose of the NT being Canonized?
They felt that they were meeting an immediate need.
How long did it take to be canonized?
How many books are there?
Why did they feel ther was a need?
1.) Had a Host of dubious writings and authority going around.
2.) Had to choose which books had true teaching and tradition.
3.) Was an infiltration of heresy.
Two Basic Criteria for acceptance into the canon:
1.) The fact that the book was regularly read in church.

2.) A belief that it came from apostolic circles
What are the classifications of the books?
a. Biography
b. History
c. Epistles
d. Apocalypse
Which book was written first?
Which Gospel was written first?
Which Gospel was written last?
Oldest in NT?
II Peter
Gospel means?
"Reward of the transmission of good news"
What is form Criticism?
What is Source Criticism?
The stories of Jesus were oral first.
The sources that they used.
Pronouncement Story (parts of)
1. Scene
2. The incident occurs
3.) The saying of Jesus
4.) The response by others
Miracle Stories (wonder stories)
1.) Illness
2.) The Cure is Effective
3.) The effect of the deed is related
The three titles given to Jesus
1.) Messiah
2.) Son of God
3.) Son of Man
What is redaction crit.?
It says that there is a point that the author tells the story.
What was Mark's theme?
Main purpose?
Redemptive Activity
To encourage fellow church members who were facing a crisis
Where was mark written?
Author of Mark?
What was the date?
In Rome after Peter's death.
Not one of the 12. john mark
What was the theme of Matthew?
The messiah and the new people of God.
What was the date/place of composition 4 Matthew?
Purpose of Matthew?
Antioch 65-70
Present a portrait of Jesus as the Messiah
WWhat does Matthew point out about the church?
1.) Church is true Israel
2.) Church, in the Present Age, is a mixed body
3.) Church is called to live a new, and higher way of rightousness that exceeds the Jewish law
Which gospel is the first of a two part volume?
What two books make up 1-4 of the NT?
Luke and Acts
What was the purpose of Luke?
1. Pulicans
2. Sinners
3. Samaritans
4. Gentiles
In Luke, Jesus cares for:
1.) Poor
2.) Outcasts
Luke: Women had a special role in that society.
Luke: Women had a special role in that society.
Author- of luke
Traditionall Luke
Over Half of ________ constitutes a third of ________
Mark, Luke
What was the Language?
What is Repetition.
ex. "Martha-Martha"
Which book is the longest of the synoptic gospels?
Luke represents Jesus as:
a. Compassionate Savior
b. Healer
c. Redeemer
d. Friend of the weak
Main Purpose:
1.) Believe in main purpose
2.) Last half of 1st Century
3.) Ephesus
4.) not sure
Main Purpose of John:
Believe in Jesus Christ and having life in His name