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Do we know for certain where Paul was when he wrote the Galatian letter?
What is the date of the writing of Galatians?
About 48 A.D. or 56-57 A.D.
Who were the readers of the Galatian letter?
Christians in the churches of Galatia
What is the theme of Galatians?
Freedom in Christ
What is the basic problem in Galatians?
Jewish Christians were teaching that Gentiles had to observe certain aspects of the Law of Moses before they could become Christians (They had to convert to Judiasm first)
What were the people who were teaching the false teaching in the Galatia called?
Judazic teachers
What, in Paul’s teaching, happens to the Gospel when it is made to be another law?
Loses its grace
What part does Paul say that humans had in his becoming an Apostle?
No human being had any part in his becoming an Apostle
The letter to the Galatians seems to have been written in haste.
What was is that Paul was astonished at the Galatians about?
That they were so quickly departing from the Gospel
Does Paul agree that there is more than one Gospel?
In Galatians, Paul teaches that justification is a system of what?
All who are children of God, are His children by faith in:
Christ Jesus
How does Paul show that we have the faith that makes us children of God?
It depends upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ and our willingness to accept that gift (Gal. 3:26-27)
What is the Greek household servant that Paul compares the Law of Moses to?
Ephesians is one of four letters written by Paul considered as ______ epistles
Do we know for certain the place where Paul was when he wrote this letter?
Tradition supports what place as the place where he was when he wrote this letter?
We know for certain that Paul was imprisoned how many times?
It is possible that he was imprisoned how many more times?
What is the likely date of the writing of Ephesians?
60-62 A.D.
It is thought that the Ephesian letter was a circular letter and was sent to more than one church
Which other letter of Paul’s is very similar to Ephesians?
What is the theme of Ephesians?
Christ in union with His church - Unity
Paul declares that through Christ, the Ephesians had received the knowledge of a special bit of information about God’s will. What does Paul call the knowledge?
The mystery of God
Ephesians 2:9-10 is one of the greatest statements in the NT about God’s _____________.
What did God use to make Jews and Gentiles to be one in Christ?
The blood of Christ
Ephesians 3:7-13 is one of the greatest statements in the NT about what?
God’s eternal purpose
In Ephesians chapter 4, there is a powerful statement about what?
Unity (4:4-6)
What is stressed in Ephesians 5:22-6:4?
What does Paul say we should use in our spiritual and moral warfare?
The armor of God
On which missionary journey did Paul and his team establish the church at Philippi?
Where was the man from who Paul saw in a vision that caused Paul to eventually go to Philippi?
Who were two converts at Philippi that are well known?
Lydia and a Philippian jailor
The church at Philippi was a “first.” What was it first as?
1st church established on the European continent
What sort of relationship did Paul have w/ the church at Philippi?
What did the church at Philippi send to Paul?
Money (an offering)
By whom did they send it?
What is the theme of Philippians?
Joy in Christ
The usual address and greeting in Philippians is followed by one of the strongest statements of something that Paul gave in any of his letters. What is it?
Paul was more interested in something else than being released from prison. What was it?
That his imprisonment would serve to advance the Gospel
What did Paul use as an example of service?
The service of Christ
What action of Adam does Paul show that Christ reversed?
Adam’s assertion of humanity over God
What did Christ have that Paul urged Christ’s followers to have?
The attitude of Christ
Whom did Paul hope to send from himself to the Philippians in addition to Epaphroditus?
What kind of approach to Christianity does Paul warn the Philippians about?
What was it that Paul tells the Philippians that he hopes to attain to?
The resurrection of Jesus Christ
What one thing does Paul say he does?
Forget what is behind and reach for what is before, pressing always toward the goal of Christ Jesus
What does Paul tell Euodia and Syntych to do?
Focus on Jesus and forget what is b/w them
What does Paul tell the Philippians to do instead of being anxious?
Pray and give thanksgiving to God
What does Paul say he can do in him who gives him strength?
Who was a support to Paul in the writing of the Colossian letter?
Do we have any record that Paul ever visited Colosse?
Where did Colosse rank as to the size of cities that Paul wrote to?
What size church was at Colosse?
Smallest church
Who, according to 1:7, who was the person who probably evangelized the Colosse area?
What other letter of Paul’s is Colossians related to?
How many sources of information that we know for sure did Paul have about the church at Colosse?
The false philosophy that seems to filter through the pages of the Colossian letter is the beginning of a false religion known as what?
What is the meaning of the word by which this philosophy/religion is called?
To know
What is the theme of Colossians?
All sufficiency of Christ
What was the central truth with which Paul countered the false teaching?
The answer to all philosophy – Christ
Was Paul thankful for the Colossians?
Which verses of Colossians are looked upon as the high-water mark of the letter?
These verses are sometimes called a ______
What is the means by which Christ reconciles humans to God?
Through his death
When a person is risen with Christ, where should that person set his/her heart?
On things above
Where does Paul say Christ is now seated?
At the right hand of God
What should a risen person do with one’s earthly nature?
Put it to death – “murder”
Whom does Paul say is with him as he writes the letters to Thessalonica?
Silas and Timothy
On which missionary journey did Paul & his team establish the church at Thessalonica?
Thessalonica was the capital of what Roman province?
Where was Paul when he wrote 1 Thessalonians?
When was 1 Thessalonians written?
A.D. 50
What is the theme of 1 & 2 Thessalonians?
Security in Jesus Christ
What does Paul think of the example of the Thessalonians?
He’s thankful for them; they became a model of faith
What had the Thessalonians turned from to serve God?
Did Paul chide the Thessalonians for their impatience?
Does Paul consider his visit to Thessalonica a successful one?
What is the guidance that Paul gives to the Thessalonians?
Guides them to know how to please God; Urges them to avoid sexual immorality; Urges them to practice brotherly love
What is the Greek word for the Second coming of Christ?
What does Paul tell the Thessalonians about Christ’s second coming?
The dead in Christ will be raised first and those who have died in Christ he will bring w/ Him
Paul wrote to Thessalonica b/c some of the folks had misunderstood some things in the first letter?
In 2 Thessalonians, Paul speaks of the future judgment whereas he did not do so in the 1st letter
Paul identifies the man of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians