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I am proud of you
Estoy orulloso de ti
It makes me feel like crying
Me da ganas de llorar
How is it like?
Como lo es?
What size is it?
Que talla esta?
A piece of,
Un porcion(pedaso),
Ojala que,
How did you like Peru?
Que te parecio Peru?
You have been great
has sido marvilloso
In al the third world contry's , the make very little money
En todos los paises tercermundo se ganan muy poco
Coul'd you help me with?
Me podria ayudar con mi?
But this is not so
Pero eso no es asi
Its snowing here
esta nevando aqui
Well done!, Engagment ring,
Bien hecho!, Anilla de compromiso,
Its bad that I can't see because I have to pay for this
es malo que no vea por que yo tengo que pagar por eso
I like to hear your voice
Me gusta oir tu voz
I don't care about anything
No me importa nada
I am interested in politics
I am not interested in politics
Me interesa la politica
No me interesa la politica en absoluto
I have A LOT of money, LIKE he
She has A LOT of shoes LIKE her friend
We have A LOT to eat LIKE others
Tengo TANTO dinero COMO el
Ella tiene TANTA zabatos COMO su amiga
Nos. tenemos TANTA comida COMO los otros
Hopefully she won't get angry
Ojala que ella no se enoje
Do you like to have pictures of me in your computer?
Quieres tener fotos de mi en tu computador?
I am engaged
Estoy comprometido
better than his,yours
worse than his,yours
older than his,yours
youngerthan his,yours
mejor que suyo,tuyo
peor que suyo,tuyo
mayor que suyo,tuyo
menor que suyo,tuyo
What do you say, if we spend our vacation on the coast next year?
Que dice si el proximo ano pasamos las vacaciones en la costa?
How often are the buses to?
Cada cuanto hay autobuses a?
I supose so
Por supuesto
adore / to look after
Adorar / Cuidar
I adore you / I look after you
te adoro / te cuido
I like you
Me gustas
I don't like them
No me gustan
I Like you
I adore you
I like her
I don't like them
Do you like them?
Does she like it?
Me gustas
Te adoro
Ella me gusta/Me gusta ella
No me gustan
Te gustan?
Le gusta?
Does she like it?
Le gusta?
We like the hotel
Nos gusta este hotel
Do you like the book?
Did you Like the book?
Te gusta el libro?
Te gusto el libo?
I don't like you going out with them
No me gusta que salgas con ellos
I like her
Ella me gusta/Me gusta ella
Does it bother you if I smoke?
What bothers me is the attitude
Te molesta si fumo?
Lo que me molesta es que su actutuda
What bothers me is the attitude
Lo que me molesta es que su actutuda
Would you mind leaving it until tomorrow?
Te importa dejarlo para manana?
I realy like it
Me encanta
I am not interested in politics
No me interesa la politica en absoluto
I get on very well with your cousin
Tu prima me cae muy bien
Regristry office
El juzgado
To have
Delighted / The pleasure is mine
Encandado / El gusto es mio
Baby sitter
How old is she going to be?
Cuantos anos va cumplir?
To fit like a glove
Sentar como un guante
Did you see it?
Has visto?
When can I see you again?
Cuando podre verte de nuevo?
Where do you like to meet?
Donde quieres que nos veamos?
My feelings have changed
Mis sentimientos han cambiado
I should go now
Deberia irme
Don't pretent
No dismueles
A Witness / Best Man
Un testigo
To have a registry office wedding
Casarse por lo civil
I already found new work
Ya consequir un nuevo trabajo
I need to tell them to look for another pearson
Necesito desirle para que busque a otra persona
I can't believe it its a miracle
no puedo creerlo esta un meligro
You always play with my feelings
Tu siembre jugandas con mis sentimientos
I don't want any doubts
No deseo ningun dudas
And if I seen you I don't remember
y si te vi no me recuerdo
Your invited
Estas invitado