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What is now NJT 4100?
NJT 4106
What is the only NJT diesel wrecked, and what was it rebuilt as?
NJT 4148/NJT 4219
What was the first type of diesel that NJT bought new
F40PH-2...also called Screamer Boxes until a 1987-1988 Rebuild at Conrail Juniata shops, Altoona, PA
The second?
How many types of diesel does NJT/MN WOH have as of 3/25/06?
1. NJT GP40PH-2 4100-4112
2. NJT F40PH-2CAT 4113-4129
3. NJT GP40FH-2 4135-4144
4. NJT GP40PH-2A 4145-4147, 4149-4150
5. MN GP40FH-2 4184-4189
6. MN GP40PH-2 4190
7. MN F40PH-2CAT 4191-4194
8. NJT GP40PH-2B 4200-4219
9. NJT GP40-2 4300-4303
10. NJT SW1500 500-503
11. NJT PL42AC 4000-4033