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another name for vitk dependent factors group:
thrombin group
what are the vit k dependent factors?
2, 7, 9, 10, and proteins C/S.
What are 4 gen. characteristics of the vit K dependent factors?
1. Stable.
2. produced by liver
3. in serum
4. depend on vit K for production.
What 3 states can cause an acquired factor deficiency of ALL the vitK dependent fxs?
1. Vit K deficiency
2. Coumadin/warfarin therapy
3. Liver disease
What is Thrombin?
Factor 2a
What predominantly inhibits thrombin?
AT-3; antithrombin 3
what pathway is Fx 2 (thrombin) in?
The common pathway.
What factor is Stable factor?
factor 7; it is stable in the test tube.
what is capable of activating factor VII?
Activated forms of factors 9, 10, or 12.