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Who was the first African American appointed to a policy making post?
Mary McLeod Bethune
This Act legalized union practices like collective bargining and closed shops.
Wagner Act
The formation of this agency enforced the Federal goverment's ability to regulate labor disbutes.
National Labor Regulatory Board
Frances Perkins, the first woman appointed to a cabinet post became the Secretary of __________ .
Secretary of Labor
Put people back to work building and improving playgrounds, schools, hospitals, and airfields, and hired artists.
What were 3 benefits of the goverment expanding electric power to rural settings?
(D M M )
Greater demand for electrical appliances.
Manufacturers made more.
Merchants sold more appliances.
1935. This act provided finacial assistance to people who could not support themselves.
Social security act
Name 3 groups helped by social security ?
Old people (retirement)
Unemployed (insurance)
Dependent children (aid)
What message did the election of 1936 send?
FDR won by a landslide....
Americans were supporting the New Deal.
These two groups were NOT HELPED by the New Deal.
Women and African Americans

lower pay, no job protection, kept out of skilled jobs
Why did FDR want to add 6 justices to the Supreme court?
Ease the burden for the 9 older judges.
Bring younger men with personal experiences.
Critisim of Court packing was they thought it undermined the constitutional principal of ___________ .
Seperation of powers.
Name 2 programs from the New Deal that still exist today.
Social Security

Greatest achievement of the New Deal was to rstore a sense of _____ . Fireside _____ and ______ to Elanore Roosevelt helped achieve this.
Fireside Chats and
Letters to Elenore roosevelt.
How did movies help during the Depression?
Wizard of Oz let people escape from a hard woorld, Federal agencies adverised in films,