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an ... of 45°
Look at every ... of the situation
angle (noun)
an intelligent and well-educated person,someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, especially one that is not a science subject

Denis Axapkin is a Brodsky ...
scholar (noun)
2) the whole area that you can see from somewhere, especially when it is very beautiful or impressive

She has strong ... about politics.

In my ..., the country needs a change of government

We'd like a room with a ...of the sea.
view (noun)
=prize= benefit]:
something that you get because you have done something good or helpful or have worked hard.

Several of the parents were giving their children ...s for passing exams.

The job is difficult, but the financial ...s are great.
reward (noun)

She was repairing Billy's trousers, where the ... had come undone.

2)a (rich) seam of something a thing, place, or group from which a type of thing can be obtained:

The 466-page book is a rich ... of statistical information.
seam (noun)