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What is the main terminal coming out of the neuron that sends a message to the cell body?
What kind of cells wrap around the axon?
what are the nerves that are on either side of the synapse?
presynaptic-before, postsynaptic-after
what does ECG?
What is the reversal of charge called?
action potential
what ion is on the inside of a neuron when it is resting?
what is the period called when the neuron cannot send another action potential?
the refractory period
What is it called when two or more neurons work together to reach the action potential of another neuron?
the summation
Name 2 chemicals transmitter chemicals.
acetylcholine, cholinesterase, dopamine, GABA serotonin are a few
name 2 forces that move Na into the cytoplasm.
ATP, consentration gradient