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In record mode, the channel is routed to which fader?
Large Fader
In record mode, the channel is routed to which matrix?
Large matrix
In record + fader swap mode, the channel is routed to which fader?
Small Fader
Which matrix is used to route to tape?
Large Matrix
Which of the following buttons changes which signal feeds which matrix?
Lower C/O (Changeover)
The "bounce" button (B'NCE)...
Sends the monitor path to the large matrix and disables the output of the channel path
What does Upper C/O do?
Changes the mic/line input against master status
In Mix mode, the channel path is routed to?
Large Fader and small Matrix
Channel Output (CH/OP)
Puts a post fader channel feed into the monitor path
The "DYN" button in the EQ section of the module
Puts the EQ into the side-chain of the compressor
The insert can be assigned to
The channel path and the monitor path
In the EQ section, the "Hi Q" button(s)
Changes the HF and/or the LF to a narrow, notch-shape EQ
The group button on the input section of the module
Makes the input to the channel path the corresponding group output
In record mode, in order to send tape returns to the artists' headphones...
Assign aux sends to the monitor path by the small fader of each module
Which of the following CANNOT be assigned to the monitor path?
If you hit "chan safe" in the master section of the console
Your channel is in AFL, your monitor is in SIP
When you have "Follow Mon" selected in the multitrack meters section, and "O/P" selected on multitrack monitors...
You will see and hear tape sends
To set input levels on the Neve V3
Select PFL solo mode and O/P on multitrack meters, then use the master meters to view level
Is the difference between the opening and closing threshold on the gate
How do you get a fast attack on the compressor?
Pull the Ratio Knob
How do you turn on phantom power?
Push the mic knob
The direct button
Sends the channel signal directly to the corresponding group output, bypassing the matrix
If you have assigned multiple modules to one group output, how do you increase or decrease the overall output gain?
Using the group trim knob on the corresponding module
Linking two compressors
Sums the control voltages, but the settings are not linked
You can use the small fader in Mix mode as an additional aux send.
It is not possible to put the Insert before the EQ and Dynamics
The phase button affects the channel path if its input is set to group
It is not possible to view your tape returns and your group output levels at the same time on the multitrack meters.
Hitting Lower C/O while in Mix mode
Sends Channel Signal to large matrix
Group overrides mic and line input to the channel path