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Which Article of the Nevada Constitution deals with education?
Article 11
How many sections are there to Article 11 of the Nevada Constitution?
Which four are of special importance and what are their numbers?
Sections 1,2,5, and 6
What does section 1 of Article 11 cover?
Legislature to encourage education;appointment, term and duties of superintendent of public instruction.
What does section 2 of Article 11 cover?
Uniform system of common schools.
What does section 5 of Article 11 cover?
Establishment of normal schools, grade schools; oath of teachers,professors.
What does section 6 of Article 11 cover?
Support of university, common schools by direct legislative appropriation.
How many chapters and sections make up the Nevada Laws on Education as of August 2007?
18 chapters and 2 related sections.
What are the chapter and section numbers of the Nevada Laws on Education?
Chapters 385 thru 399, 288, 332,354 and sections 49.290, and 49.291
What people make up the Nevada State Board of Education?
A superintendant of public instruction as well as the board which is comprised of 10 members and non-voting student representative: seven of the ten members are elected from Clark, Lincoln and Nye Counties;one member is elected from Washoe County and two are elected from the rermaining thirteen counties of the state.