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Define neurotrophic arthropathy.
A highly desctructive arthropathy secondary to impaired pain perception and/or joint proprioception.
What is meant by neuropathic arthropathy being an *insidious* disease?
It means that it progresses gradually (stealthily), with no apparent symptoms, then once symptoms appear, destruction is rapid.
What other pathologies are associated with neuropathic arthropathy?
- Diabetes is most common (knee, ankle, foot)
- Tabes Dorsalis (Lumbar spine, knee, ankle)
- Syringomyelia (shoulder, elbow, wrist)
What sensory losses are experienced in a patient with neurothrophic arthropathy?
- Imparied deep pain sensation
- Impaired joint proprioception
- Loss of normal joint reflex
What would be the clinical findings in a patient with neurotrophic arthropathy?
- The patient may present with painless joint effusion (swelling)
- altered gait
- loss of DTRs
- pain insensitivity
- joint instability
- extreme crepitus
On an x-ray, what would you see in a patient with neurotrophic arthropathy?
In weight bearing joints:
- hypertrophic changes
---the 6D's

In non weight bearing joints (upper extremities):
- atrophic changes