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What are the two types of ACh receptors?
Nicotinic and Muscarinic
Where are N1 ACh receptors found?
skeletal muscle, blocked by curare
Where are N2 ACh receptors found?
Between pre and postsynaptic neurons in the ANS
Where are Muscarinic ACh receptors found?
Smooth and cardiac muscle, glands. Blocked by atropine.
What are the two types of adrenergic receptors?
alpha and beta
Where are alpha1 receptors found?
smooth muscle in blood vessels (vasoconsricts through G proteins)
Where are alpha2 receptors found?
Membrane of presynaptic cells. Acts as an autoreceptor for the release of NE from axon terminal (Gi)
Where are beta1 receptors found?
Cardiac muscle, increases heart rate and contraction force (Gs)
Where are beta2 receptors found?
GI tract, relaxes GI smooth muscle (Gs)
Where does glycine usually act?
Spinal cord (inhibitory)