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Dorsal Column(medial leminiscal) and Anterolateral do what
Axons in the dorasal colum that sense lower limb sensation
Fasciculus Gracilis
Axons in the dorsal column that sense upper limb stuff
Fasciculus Cuneatus
Tuning Fork Checks this
Dorsal Column/Medial lemniscal
What is Tabes Dorsalis
This is a clinical finding caused by degeneration of large diameter dorsal root(fasciculus gracilis) fibers. What are its manifestations?
Westphal's sign
Argyll Robertson Pupil
What is Argylle Robertson Pupil?
The response to near objects has three components: accomodation;constriction;convergence. Argylle pupil has convergence and accomodation but no constriction Which nucleus achieve the near object functions?
Edinger-Westphal (not to be confused with patellar sign in Tabes Dorsalis)
What is the near triad?
Convergence, Constriction, Accomodation
What does the Rhomberg test evaluate?
Dorsal Column Function. Explain mechanism and why it has nothing to do with cerebellar function (out loud!)
If your cerebellum is really messed up, it doesn't matter if your eyes are open or not!The pathways that integrate eye and inner ear stuff into balance run throught the cerebellum and if they are in tact then no problem.
There are two divisions of the senses relative to pathways. What are they?
Proprioceptive Pain and Temperature and everything else. PPT is anterolateral,
Touch Vibes and other., Dorsal Column/Medial
PPT Pain Proprio Temp
TVT Touch vibrate Touch
Syrinx formation associated with Arnold Chiari (vermis through magnum) How do we manifest?
Upper Limb Flaccid Paralysis and horners
Unconcious Proprioception
Spinocerebellar system
Freidrich's Ataxia. What is going on?
Positive Rhomberg and sensory ataxia caused by dergeneration of spinocerebellar,anteriolateral, and dorsal column tracts
What will you see in this lesion?
This is Brown-Sequard. You will get ipsilateral flaccid paralysis, ipsilateral loss of vibration touch and joint sensation, controlateral loss of Pain,Proprioception,Temperature. Why
PPT or Anteriolateral crosses over as it enters the spine. VT or dorsal colum path crosses over in the lower medulla (medial leminiscus)
What will happen if the anterior spinal artery which supplies the anterior 2/3 of the spine is occluded?
Spastic bilateral pareisis.
Explain Subacute combined degeneration
B12 deficiency is caused by swelling of myelin sheaths: think CPM (osmotic vegetable disease) too much salt via IV too vast.