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image002: identify A
Diaphragma Sellae
image002: identify B
Falx Cerebri
image002 identify C
Tentorium Cerebelli
image002 identify D
Tentorial Notch
image004 identify A
Superior Sagittal Sinus
image004 identify B
Inferior Sagittal Sinus
image004 identify C
Confluence of Sinuses
image004 identify D
Straight sinus
image004 identify E
Cavernous sinus
image006 identify A
Falx Cerebri
image006 identify B
Tentorium Cerebelli
image006 identify C
Inferior Sagittal Sinus
image006 identify D
Superior Sagittal Sinus
image006 identify E
sigmoid sinus
image006 identify F
lateral/transverse sinus
image006 identify G
Superior sagittal sinus
image006 identify H
Straight sinus
image006 layer of cranial dura in I
image006 layer of cranial dura in J
image006 dotted line next to K indicates what?
Falx Cerebelli
image008 identify A
Subdural Space
image008 identify B
Subarachnoid space
image010 identify A
Interpeduncular cistern
image010 identify B
Pontine cistern
image010 identify C
Lumbar Cistern
image010 identify D
Cerebellomedullary cistern or cisterna magna
image012 identify A
Endosteal Dura
image 012 identify B
Superior Sagittal Sinus
image012 identify C
Meningeal Dura
image012 identify D
Falx Cerebri
image012 identify E
image012 identify F
arachnoid mater
image012 identify G
pia mater
identify14 identify A
Lateral ventricle (anterior horn)
image14 identify B
Corpus callosum
image14 identify C
head of caudate
image14 identify D
third ventricle
image16 identify A
cerebral aqueduct of sylvius