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name the three primary divisions of the brain
Prosencephalon (forebrain)
what are the subdivisions of the major brain divisions?
prosencephalon - Telencephalon and Diencephalon
Mesencephalon - Mesencephalon
Rhombencephalon - Metencephalon and Myelencephalon
Name the major derivatives of the Telencephalon
Basal Ganglia
Cerebral Cortex
Name the major derivatives of the Diencephalon
Optic Nerves
Name the major derivatives of the Mesencephalon
Name the major derivatives of the Metencephalon
Name the major derivatives of the Myelencephalon
What are the cavities of the
and Met/Myelencephalon
Telencephalon - Lateral ventricles
Diencephalon - Third Ventricle
Mesencephalon - Aqueduct of Sylvius
and Met/Myelencephalon - Fourth Ventricle
General info about the telencephalon
it is composed of 2 cerebral hemispheres seperated by a Longitudinal Fissure (aka interhemispheric fissure)
what seperated the frontal and parietal lobe?
the central sulcus
what is the primary function of the precentral gyrus
primary motor cortex, directly controls all voluntary movement
what is the primary function of the postcentral gyrus
primary somatosensory cortex
(located in the parietal lobe)
what divides the temporal from the frontal lobe?
the lateral or sylvian fissure
the Primary auditory cortex is located within what lobe
temporal lobe
Is the calcarine sulcus located on the lateral surface or the medial surface of the brain? and what two lobes does it seperate
it is located medially and can only be roughly approximated on the lateral surface. It runs rostro-caudally and joinds the parieto-occipital sulcus at it's rostral tip
which direction does the parietooccipital sulcus run?
What is the ventral surface of the frontal lobe called?
the orbital surface
what is the ventral surface of the occipital lobe called?(covered by cerebellum)
tentorial surface
what is the ventral surface of the temporal lobe?>
parahippocampal gyrus
what is the parahippocampus made of?
neocortex or allocortex
allocortex(phylogenetically older, the most medial part of the parahippocampus is the uncus
Name the boundaries of the diencephalon
optic chiasm rostrally
optic tracts
cerebral peduncle caudally
what is the most caudal and ventral hypothalamic structure?
the mamillary bodies, (mamillary bodies = hypothal = diencephalon)
what seperates the thalamus from the hypothalamus
the hypothalamic sulcus
what structure is just rostral to the mam bods?
the infundibulum of the pituitary
where are the pineal bodies located in relationship to the thalamus
dorsal, it is part of the epithalamus
what nerve is the only one to decussate before emerging from the brain and which emerge dorsally?
the IV trochlear paired nerves
what structures form the roof of the midbrain?
the tectum ie inferior and superior colliculi
where is the tegmentum?
midbrain substance ventral to the aqueduct
what fissure is located between the pyramids?
the ventral(anterior) median fissure
what structures are on both sides of the dorsal (posterior) median sulcus?
the Fasiculus gracilis and more laterally the fasciculus cuneatus
what artery generally supplies the forebrain?
Internal carotids
what artery generally supplies the brainstem and cerebellum?