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What are the menengial layers of the brain called?
Dura Matter> 2 layers: periosteal layer and maningeal layer

arachnoid layer=>subarachniod space w/ arachnoid trabecular

pia mater> adheres tightly to the surface of the brain
What is the Falx Cerebri and what is it anchored to?
FC> the folds of the mengies that fold down in to the central longitudinal fissure (dura inner, arachnoid, pia mater)

It attaches to christa galli and to the ridges in the posterior cranial fossa
What is the Tentorim Cerebelli and what is it anchored to?
The portion of the mengies that go into the transverse fissure (b/w cerebellum and occipital lobe)

Anchors to the petrius portion of the temporal bone
Neural Cells
Basic anantomical and functional unit of the brain and spinal cord

2 types: Neurons, neurogilial cells
Neural cell that has a particular structure and participates in transmitting impulses

Cell body of a neuron
Has a membrane skin with a nucleus and cytoplasm.

Nucleus> has DNA and controls cell activity

Nucleosis> has RNA for protien production

Cytoplasm> made of protien and H2O..supports cell growth and maintains viablility.
Nerve fibers that carry impulse away from the cell body.

Project off cell body at axon hillock

Has telodendria (terminal branches) that extend w/ butons on the end to aid in synaptic fire
Myelin Sheath
Spiral fatty substance that surrounds axons

naked cells: no myelin (cerebral cortex)
Carry impulses toward the cell body

increase surface area of the cell

dendritic spikes: recieve synaptic imput
Supports and prtects neural cells (don't transmit info)

4 types: astrocytes, digodendrocytes, microglial, appendimal
predominant in subcortical white matter

Fill in space b/w neurons and white matter

regulate chemical compostion and metabolism

gravitate toward trama areas
(Digodendrocytes) Help maintain/form central nervous system myelin sheaths

1:25 (1algo for every 25 cells that need myelin)
1)phagocytes(eat dead cells)
2) support/ skeletal framework of CNS
lines cavities of ventricular system

Helps direct cell migration in fetal development of the brain