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The primary somatosensory cortex lies in the ________ gyrus while the primary motor cortex lies in the__________gyrus

The primary _________ cortex is in the occipital lobes lies along the banks of a deep sulcus called the _________ ________.
primary visual cortex

calcarine fissure
The two fingerlike gyri that lie inside the sylvian fissure on the superior surface of each temporal lobe is called the ___________________
Transverse gyri of heschl
The most important motor pathway in humans is called the _______ _______ which begins in the p______ m_______ cortex
cerebrospinal tract

primary motor cortex
Pyramidal decussation occurs at the junction between the ________ and the _________

spinal cord
Ataxia is a result of lesions in the___________.
The thalami are located just above the b_________and behind the ______ _____.
basal ganglia
Adjacent areas on the receptive surface are mapped to adjacent fibers in white matter pathways and to adjacent regions of cortex. This type of organization is referred to as __________ __________.
topographical organization
Motor neurons that project from the cortex down to the spinal cord are referred to as _____, which form synapses onto the _____.
upper motor neurons

lower motor neurons
____________ refers to the perceptions of touch, pain, temperature and vibration and _________(limb or joint position sense)
somatic sensation