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Too much ______ and _____ neurotransmitter causes schizophrenia
What do these neurotransmitters control? What are they called?
dopamine & serotonin
- both control personality/mood and drives
- catecholamines
Too little ________ neurotransmitter causes depression
Too little ________ neurotransmitter causes anxiety
What does this neurotransmitter control?
- inhibits nervous system
Too little ________ neurotransmitter causes Parkinson's
Too little ________ neurotransmitter causes Alzheimer's
What does this neurotransmitter control?
- voluntary movement and learning/memory
Which part of the peripheral nervous system deals with the involuntary control?
autonomic system
What part of the autonomic system is involved in flight/fight?
Which part of the brain is involved with breathing?
medulla oblungata
Which part of the brain is involved with arousal?
Which part of the brain is involved with motor?
Which part of the brain is involved with homeostasis?
This includes what body function?
sleep/wake cycle
Which part of the brain is involved with emotion?
limbic system
Which part of the brain is the sensory relay system?
Which part of the brain is involved with long term memory potentiation?
which lobe of the brain contains the somatosenory cortex?
which lobe of the brain contains the auditory cortex?
which lobe of the brain contains the visual cortex?
Broca's area is in the ____ lobe. Damage to Broca's area results in ____
aphasia (speech production issues)
Wernicke's area is in the ____ lobe. Damage to Wernicke's area results in ____
(speech comprehension issues)
what is a brain tumor often misdiagnosed as?
affective/psychotic disorder
what is paresis?
partial paralysis
what is the all or none law regarding neurons?
neurons fire the same intensity every time
what does a neurotransmitter do?
carries info. across the synapse
What does the reticular activating system (RAS) control?
wakefulness & attention
What part of the limbic system attaches emotional significance to sensory info.?
which part of the brain is the last to stop growing?
what is it responsible for?
cerebral cortex
- higher cognitive functions and motor
is the left or right hemisphere dominant?
define: apraxia, agnosia, aphasia, ataxia, agraphia
apraxia- purposeful movement issues
agnosia- sound recognition issues
aphasia- speech comprehension issues
ataxia- balance issues
agraphia- writing issues
Name 3 things the left hemisphere specializes in...
but which thing can both hemispheres process...
-analytical, language, & rational

Name 3 things the right hemisphere specializes in...
artistic, spatial, & emotion
James-Lange theory on relationship between environment and emotion states...
- we are ___ because we ___
environment causes arousal which is then interpreted as emotion...
- we are sad because we cry
the six basic emotions are...
fear, anger, joy, sadness, surprise, & disgust
what is the relationship between age and sleep?
as we age % of sleep decreases
how is nightmare disorder different from sleep terror and sleepwalking disorders?
nigtmare disorder occurs during REM (so you have recollection)
what does the thyroid do?
an overactive thyroid results in?
control metabolism
- grave's disease
what does the pancreas do?
release insulin
the most primitive sense is?
there are 4 basic taste qualities. they are?
sweet, sour, bitter, salty
What 2 ways do you assess a structural neurological disorder?
What 2 ways do you assess a functional neurological disorder?
Parkinson's results because of impairments in the...
substantia nigra
The 3 types of antidepressents are:
tricyclics, SSRIs, MAOIs
Imipramine, Clomipramine, and Amitryptyline are examples of...
The treat which type of symptoms...
Side effects are...
-vegetative symptoms of depression
-tachycardia & anticholinergic effects
Fluoxetine, Sertraline, and Paroxetine are examples of ___ and are ____ serious than tricyclics
-But a negative side effect is...
-But they will not cause...
- less
- they may initially worsen sleep and anxiety symptoms
- confusion
Phenelzine and Tranylcypromine are examples of... and treat what aspect of depression.
most serious side effect?
- atypical symptoms
- large dose can be fatal
Most serious side effect of antipsychotic drugs is...
tardive dyskinesia (abnormal involuntary movements)
Benzodiazepines, Barbituates, and Beta Blockers are all types of...
sudden withdrawal of barbituates can lead to...
psychostimulants cause side effects in ___% of children. And can cause what 2 things?
- growth suppression & tics
A type of narcotic used to substitute heroin during detox
which anti-stimulant has been used with ADHD?
atomoxetine (strattera)
Withdrawal from opiates like morphine is most likely to result in...
(speed up in body functions like) diarrhea, dysphoric mood; nausea or vomiting; muscle aches, or insomnia
A professional working in the field of psychophysics would be most interested in...
just noticeable differences
The Dopamine Hypothesis was based on 2 research findings indicating that...
-stimulants activate dopamine receptors and
-brain dopamine is involved in motor disturbances
Which part of the brain is involved w/decision-making, attention, planning, and most recently, working memory?
prefrontal cortex
An advantage of clozapine (Clozaril) over conventional antipsychotic drugs is that it is
often effective for those who don't respond to conventional drugs
OCD is associated w/which neurotransmitter
Carbamazepine (Tegretol), divalproex (Depakote) and valproic acid (Depakene) are anti-seizure drugs that have been found to be useful for treating patients with...
Bipolar Disorder
Neurogenesis, the formation of new neurons or nerve cells, occurs in many brain areas, except
the striate cortex
Which of the following seizures is also known as temporal lobe epilepsy?
Complex partial