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True/False: Self-injurous behavior is not a criterion for Borderline Personality Disorder.
There are ___ times more MR children in developing countries than in the U.S.
Why would a neurologist need to see a MR patient?
They have higher rates of seizures.
Where do the majority of MR patients live?
With their family (60%).
Why are Down Syndrome patients living longer these days?
Our ability to correct septal defects (cushion defects).
When a Down Syndrome patient reaches 60 what they inevitably develop what?
Dementia (specifically Alzheimer's Disease)
What is a mental disorder characterized by a disorder of speech, lack of social connectedness, and programmed and repetitive behaviors.
True/False: Many autistic patients are not deficient in intellectual function.
What is a mental disorder where patients have trouble with social interaction and lack appropriate social behavior?
Asperger's (Remember: "You're acting like an ass --- berger.")
Where is the isolate intellectual deficit occuring in patients with a learning disability?
supratemporal plane
What is the IQ cutoff for MR?
At what age is intellectual disability defined before?
Intelligence may correlate with increases in what area of the brain?
Frontal grey matter
True/False: Brain size, weight, and surface anatomy correlate with intelligence.
Which three brain regions are inheritible?
Broca's, Wernicke's, and frontal grey matter
List some determinants of brain development.
socio-economic status, genetics, education, maternal substance abuse, maternal/infant nutrition, systemic disease
Neuralation occurs up until how many weeks of gestation?
Neuron migration is usually completed by which week?
40 (12-40)
When is myelenation completed?
Around 20 years.
True/False: The brain is hard-wired by adolesence.
False. (Not until around age 30)
Frontal and temporal grey matter decrease during which stage of life?
When does scizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses present?
The majority of MR cases are caused by what?
Unknown -- idiopathic (30-40%)
True/False: Persons with autism or DS typically have normal appearing brains.
Supra-temporal plane dysfunction causes ____.
Typical presentation of Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome) is _____.
Polymicrogyria is caused by dysfunction of neuron ____.
migration (Neurons are fixed in the white matter.)
Cerebral palsy typically presents with _____.
quadriparesis,dementia, sometimes intellectual defects
Germinal matrix hemorrhages typicall occur during which weeks of gestation?
24 to 30
Germinal matrix hemorrhages bleed into what area?
Ventricular area
True/False: Males and females are equally at risk for childhood stroke.
False. Males more at risk, especially African Americans.
Strokes in children are easier/harder to recover from than adult strokes?
Easier, b/c child brains are more plastic. Functions reassigned to other areas to compensate.
List some neuropsychiatric complications of Sickle Cell Disease.
decrease in IQ, attention, and executive function
increase in psychiatric disorders
List some effects of cocaine on brain development.
increase of MR, developmental delay, migration abnormalities
smaller head circumference and lower birthweight
decrease in cortical neurons (neurotoxic)
True/False: Classical conditioning is less effective in MR patients.
False, b/c sophisticated reasoning is usually absent
True/False: Medication for behavior problems do not work well in MR patients.