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How do you make a definitive diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease?
Integration of clinical, neuroimaging, and pathologic findings
Where does Alzheimers localize?
Temporal lobe, limbic system, and neocortex
Where does Frontotemporal dementia with or without motor neuron localize?
Frontal lobe and pyramidal system
What class of neurons are important in Parkinsonism and Parkinson's Disease?
What is the common denominator in all these neurodegenerative diseases?
Loss of neurons and gliosis
What are the important dementing disorders?
-Alzheimer disease
-Frontotemporal dementia
-Pick disease
-Chromosome 17-linked dementia
What are the important movement disorders?
Parkinson Disease
What percentage of Parkinson patients develop dementia?
What are the important movement disorders with dementia?
-Dementia with Lewy bodies
-Huntington Disease