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This is considered the worst and most frequent headache and may be described as a unilateral, pulsating or throbbing headache
When the pt yawns or coughs she experiences a sharp pain in her ear that travels to her throat. What's the diagnosis?
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
This neuralgia may be life threating if it interes with eating and may need surgical treatment for the pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
Most common nerve affected by Postherpetic neuralgias
Opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve
What are some phobias assoc. with migraine headaches?
What type of headace is described by the following:

Affects males and females equally
Pain is steady, non-throbbing, and bilateral
Caused or exacerbated by stress
May be prevented with TCAs in low doses
Tension headache