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What is the only known causative agent for glioma?
vinyl chloride
What are causes of symptoms from intracranial tumors?
• compression of brain by tumor and presence of associatd edema
• infiltration & destruction of brain parenchyma by tumor cells
What differentiates primary and metastastic tumor by their onset of symptoms?
• primary brain tumors: slowly progressive
• metastatic tumors: more acute
What are generalized symptoms of CNS tumors?
• headache (most common generalized symptom)
• changes in mood or personality
• decrease in appetite
• generalized or focal seizures
• nausea
• projectile vomiting
What are symptoms of a frontal lobe tumor?
• gait disorder
• lack of spontaneity
• progressive difficulty w/ concentration & memory
• personality changes
• urinary incontinence
What are symptoms of parietal lobe tumors?
• hemianesthesia
• right lobe: spatial disorientataion or left homonymous hemianopia
• left lobe: receptive aphasia or right homonymous hemianopia
What are symptoms of temporal lobe tumors?
• auditory hallucinations
• complex partial seizures
• quadrantanopia
• personality changes
• uncal herniation
What radiographic studies are used to evaluate brain tumors?
• MRI (superior)
• CT w/ contrast
Why would you perform a cerebral angiography for a patient with a brain tumor?
to evaluate tumor blood supply prior to resection
When is surgery an option for brain tumors?
• for primary tumors
• for patients w/ solitary brain metastasis
When should you not use surgery to treat a tumor?
• no extensive resection with brain stem tumors
• not recommended for tumors in language or sensorimotor areas, basal ganglia, or corpus callosum
• not recommended for CNS lymphoma
How do you medically treat increased ICP?
• glucocorticoids (usually dexamethasone) for brain edema
• mannitol w/ dexamethasone: for life-threatening edema with signs of herniation
CNS lymphomas are most likely to occur in which lobe?
deep in frontal lobe
What percentage of AIDS patients have multiofcal lymphoma when diagnosed?
What are common sources of intracranial metastasis?
• lung (most common)
• breast
• melanoma
• kidney
What is the source of most extradural spinal cord tumors?
What are some examples of extramedullary tumors?
• schwannomas
• meningiomas
What are examples of intramedullary tumors?
• ependymomas
• astrocytomas
What is the most common location of spinal cord tumors?
thoracic area