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benign epithelial tomor of odontogenic origin. suprastellar compartment, extending variably onto the sella, hypothalamus and optic chiasm. present endocrine or visual abn. Heavy calcificationh, unilocular cysts and viscous yellow fluid. islands of keratinizing epithelium with multifocual calcifi deposits.
Location is what makes cure difficult.
infestation acquired by eating improperly cooked pork. cystic structures with clear fluid
neuroglial tumor with neoplastic ganglionic cells and glial cells (astrocytes or oligodendrocytes) in temporal lobe. Results in seizures. Cystic and solid components.
Pilocytic astrocytoma
cystic low grade astrocytomoa cerebellum and diencephalic hypthalamic region- but it does not contain the yello fluid of crainiopharyngioma
pituitary adenoma
mainly intrasellar tumor extends into suprasellar region but calcificaiton and cytsts are absent.
HIV myelin destruction in CNS
Progressive multifocal leukocencephalopathy (PML) caused by JC virus (papovavirus) Oligodendrocytes intranuclear inclusions.
AIDs-dementia complex
No focal brain lesion. cerebral atrophy
periventricular gray matter and ependyma and retina
CMV encephalitis
well demarcated demyelinating plagues in periventicular regions