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pure motor or sensory stroke, dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome, ataxic hemiparesis
lacunar stroke
aphasia, neglect, contralateral hemiparesis, gaze preference, homonymous hemianopsia
MCA stroke
leg paresis, amnesi, personality chnges, foot drop, gait dysfunction, cognitive changes
anterior cerebral artery stroke
homonymous hemianopsia, memory deficits, dyslexia/alexia
posterior cerebral artery stroke
coma, locked in syndrome, CN palsies, apnea, visual sx, drop attacks, dysphagia
basilar artery stroke
drug to prevent vasospasm post-stroke
calcium channel blockers
crescent shaped, concave hyperdensity that doesn't cross midline
subdural hematoma
rupture of bridging veins
subdural hematoma
lucid interval, then blown pupil
epidural hematoma
most frequent cause of epidural hematoma
lateral skull fracture, which leads to rupture of middle meningeal artery
lens-shaped, convex hyperdensity
epidural hematoma
motor, sensory, autonomic, or psychic features wtihout alteration of consciousness
smimple partial seizures
what area of the brain do complex partial seizures typically involve?
temporal lobes
automatisms, auditory or visual hallucinations, impaired consciousness
complex partial seizures
first line anticonvulsant in kids
Rx for status epilepticus
IV benzodiazepine plus loading dose of phenytoin
treatment for infantile spasms
ACTH, prednisone, clonazepam or valproic acid
tonic, bilateral symetric head jerks in clusters
infantile spasms (west syndrome)
Dix-Hallpike maneuver
sitting to supine while quickly turning head causes vertigo/nystagmus
risk factor for lambert eaton syndrome
small cell lung CA
first-line Rx for alzheimer's
cholinesterase inhibitors
first-line treatment for early parkinson's
mainstays of parkinson's therapy
classic MS triad
scanning speech, intranuclear ophthalmoplegia, and nystagmus
multiple, asymmetric, periventricular white matter lesions, especially in corpus callosum
CSF findings in MS
mononuclear pleocytosis, increased IgG, oligoclonal bands
Rx for MS
steroids in acute exacerbations, avonex, betaseron, copaxone
infections associated with GBS
campylobacter, viral infection, influenza vaccine
first line treatments for GBS
plasmapheresis and IVIG
CSF protein >55
widespread denervation and fibrillation potentials on EMG
cause of foot drop
L5 radiculopathy
asymmetric motor and sensory neuropathy involving >2 areas
mononeuritis multiplex
low back pain, bowel/bladder dysfunction, saddle anesthesia, sciatica, lower ext sensory/motor loss; poor rectal tone, increased PVR
cauda equina syndrome
hyperdense area on CT
hypodense area on CT
causes of mononeuritis multiplex
DM, lyme, sarcoid, PAN, HIV, acute HAV
Rx for parkinson's seconndary to MPTP exposure
Rx for parkinson's in younger pt with tremor as predominant symptom
fronto-temporal dementia
pick's disease
sharp, triphasic synchronous discharges on EEG
creutzfelt Jakob (prion)
fluctuating cognitive impairment, parkinsons, and bizarre visual hallucinations
lewy body dementia
cause of hemi-neglect
non-dominant parietal lobe
pathophys of lambert-eaton
antibodies vs. presynaptic calcium channels
Rx for ALS
riluzole (glutamate inhibitor)
Rx for anticholinergic excess
diagnostic test in young pts with TIA
transthoracic echo
hypopituitarism, headaches, bitemporal blindness
CN responsible for corneal sensation
uncontrolled systemic HTN and focal neuro signs
basal ganglia hemorrhage
brain tumor with butterfly appearance and central necrosis
electrolyte disturbance associated with SAH
waterhouse-friderichson syndrome
acute adrenal insufficiency associated with meningococcal meningitis
what does damage to lateral spinothalamic tract cause?
loss of pain/temp sensation beginning at 2 levels below lesion
what causes nerve conduction velocity to be slowed?
what causes EMG to show fasciculations or fibrillations?
lower motor neuron lesion
where is broca's area
dominant frontal lobe
where is wernicke's area
dominant temporal lobe
area of brain: memory impairment, hyperaggression, hypersexuality
temporal lobes
area: inability to read, write, name or do math
dominant parietal lobe
area: ignoring one side of body, trouble with dressing
nondominant parietal lobe
what can cause pseudotumor cerebrii?
large doses of vitamin A, tetracyclines, and withdrawal from corticosteroids
what is Kallman's syndrome?
anosmia plus hypogonadism due to GnRH deficiency
what lesion can cause bitemporal hemianopsia?
optic chiasm lesion, usually due to pituitary tumor
what lesion causes left homonymous hemianopsia with macular sparing?
right occipital lobe
unilateral shooting pains in face in older adults, often triggered by activity
trigeminal neuralgia
treatment of parkinsonian sx in patient on antipsychotics
anticholinergics, eg. benztropine, trihexyphenidyl or antihistamines (diphenhydramine)
drug that can cause MG-like sx in high doses
what should you check to look at respiratory status in pt with GBS
vital capacity
intense retroorbital pain
cluster headache
treatment for cluster headache
100% O2 and sumatriptan
CSF with increased leuks, RBCs, and protein and normal glucose
HSV meningitis
Rx for HSV meningitis
IV acyclovir
CNS lymphoma
what does pronator drift signify?
UMN disease
lower limb> upper limb weakness in stroke
anterior communicating artery